Christmas Gifts Your Family Members Will Actually Love

With Christmas less than a month away, it's time to start getting ready.

Whether you're someone who loves to get all your holiday shopping done early or the type who always finds themselves braving the crowds of last-minute shoppers at the mall (or just paying extra for express shipping a couple of days before Christmas), we can't avoid the fact that it's already time to start thinking about all the gifts you're going to get your loved ones this year.

Thankfully, you don't need to go into your holiday shopping season unprepared, nor do you need to get your family members sub-par gifts that get you a forced, "thank you, I love it!" response to. That's because we're here to help you with our list of gift ideas that your family members will actually love, starting with:

Gifts for Your Mom

Giving to the wonderful woman who always put your needs first throughout life isn't always easy, but the key is to focus on getting her something that will make her life easier, she'll actually use often and that makes her truly happy. Here are a couple of ideas for gifts she actually wants, even if she won't tell you herself:

  • A gift card to her favorite salon
  • A family photo book
  • A nice perfume
  • A luxe candle (like this one from Amazon: $34)

And if you're willing to splurge:

  • This Nespresso coffee and espresso maker: $220

Nespresso coffee maker

(via Amazon)


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Gifts for Your Dad

The secret to getting your dad a great gift is to get him something that is either classic and timeless (just like him) or that relates to his interests and hobbies. Of course, that could be anything from fishing and camping to cooking, painting or anything else in between, but here's a list of gift ideas to get you started:

  • Some stone ice cubes so he can't complain about his drinks getting watered down: $23.95
  • A new pair of loafers
  • This minimalist leather wallet: $10
  • A new watch he'll actually wear

Willing to shell out for dad's Christmas gift this year? Go for:

  • This folding exercise bike: $161.28

exerpeutic folding exercise bike

(via Amazon)


Gifts for Your Brother

Siblings can often be way more difficult to shop for than parents since, you know, your parents kind of have to love whatever you get them (or at least act like it). Your brother or sister, on the other hand, is far more likely to let you know if your taste in gifts doesn't please them so much. For your brother, keep it simple with:

  • New sneakers
  • A new AirPods case
  • Men's moisturizing lip balm: $7
  • A new duffle bag

If you know he's spending a lot on you, you can splurge on:

  • New Ray-Bans: $124

ray-ban sunglasses

(via Amazon)


Gifts for Your Sister

Keep it sweet and simple for your sister this year by getting her things that will improve her space, her style or even her skincare game. Ideas include:

  • This trendy vase that will look great in all her Instagram stories: $26
  • A new passport case: $9
  • Literally anything from Glossier
  • A jade roller and gua sha kit: $10

If you've saved up to get her something nice, go with:

  • A Kate Spade bag: $95

kate spade harper crossbody bag

(via Amazon)


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Gifts for Your Grandparents

Remind your grandparents why you're their favorite grandchild with gifts like:

  • A beautiful gold necklace for your grandma: $14
  • A classic tic-tac-toe game you can all play on Christmas day: $9
  • A cozy new scarf (or one for each of them)
  • A framed family photo

If you can afford to get them a little something extra this year:

  • A luxe air fryer that will totally transform the way they cook homemade meals: $200

philips xxl air fryer

(via Amazon)


Need a little extra help shopping for aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone else in between? Worry not, as we've got plenty of gifting advice to give. Click HERE for some tips and tricks on giving the best holiday gifts.