9 Memes About Christmas Presents That Are Just Too True

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can officially start celebrating Christmas.

Truthfully, we've been celebrating since Nov. 1, but now we can embrace the whole holiday spirit without fear of judgement.

In true Christmas spirit, we're already obsessing over our holiday gifts, both the ones we'll give and the ones we'll receive. Since we still have 29 days until we can truly enjoy our presents, we've decided to round up some relatable memes to keep us occupied.

Keep scrolling for 9 memes about Christmas presents that are just too true.

1. Suddenly you have 12 gifts for yourself and nothing for anyone else on your list:


2. You better have the right reaction:


3. One day is enough to get it all done, right?


4. Don't. Say. Anything:

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5. But look at all the new stuff we can get:

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6. There goes all our savings:


7. She's so proud:


8. Is our love enough?


9. Don't get greedy:



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