Christmas Tree-Inspired Treats to Chow Down on While Decorating Your Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is hard work.

It takes a ton of skill and patience to place all the ornaments, tinsel, lights and other trinkets in a perfect pattern on your tree.

Instead of expending all your effort trimming a real tree, bake these tasty Christmas tree-inspired treats. Unlike an actual tree, you can eat these delicious morsels once you're done sprucing 'em up. What more could you ask for this holiday season?

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

What's more festive than a Christmas tree cupcake? Absolutely nothing. Making these bad boys is easier than you'd think. Check out the tutorial HERE.

Christmas tree cupcakes recipe

(via Preppy Kitchen)


Christmas Tree Brownies

Spruce up your go-to brownie recipe by turning them into Christmas tree-shaped brownies this holiday season. Simply cut them into triangles, throw on some frosting and call it a night. Find the recipe HERE.

Christmas tree brownies recipe

(via One Little Project)


Christmas Tree Rice Krispies Treats

Give your Rice Krispies a holiday makeover with this recipe. See all you'll need to make these little guys HERE.

Christmas tree rice krispies treats recipe

(via Raining Hot Coupons)


Christmas Tree Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

We bet you never thought of transforming chocolate-covered strawberries into bite-sized Christmas tree treats, huh? The more you know. See how to make these cuties HERE.

Christmas tree chocolate-covered strawberries recipe

(via Lovely Little Kitchen)


Christmas Tree Waffle Cones

Not much of a baker? This treat is for you. All you'll need are some waffle cones, green frosting and various candies to make this treat. Find the full recipe HERE.

Christmas tree waffle cones recipe

(via Somewhat Simple)


Christmas Tree Meringues

These meringues take a little bit of patience and time to perfect, but the payoff is totally worth it. Just look how adorable they are! Everyone will be thoroughly impressed when you bring these to your next holiday party. HERE's the full tutorial.

Christmas tree meringues recipe

(via Smart School House)


Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Cups

Stacking a bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter cups on top of each other to create Christmas trees sounds like the way to do it. Find the tutorial on how to properly shape these guys HERE.

Christmas tree peanut butter cups recipe

(via One Little Project)


Christmas Tree Waffles

The best kind of waffles are Christmas tree-inspired waffles. They're also the perfect breakfast for Xmas morning. Get the recipe HERE.

Christmas tree waffles recipe

(via Kids Activities)


Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks

These sugar cookies stacked with globs of green frosting have our mouths watering. We already feel like we're in a sugar coma just looking at them, but we're all about it. See the full tutorial HERE.

Christmas tree cookie stacks recipe

(via Delish)


Now that we've given you plenty of Christmas tree treats to make, we figure it's only fair we reveal which type of tree you are, based on your zodiac sign HERE.