Cimorelli Contest Alert: CONTEST CLOSED

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Sweety High's latest Cimorelli contest, "CimFam's Got Talent," is up and taking your entries now! CONTEST CLOSED.

Enter now for a chance to win Cimorelli baseball caps signed by the six Cimorelli sisters!


If you haven't seen our special 4th of July episode with Cimorelli, just check it out here!

Are you a member of the CimFam? Show off just how talented all of you really are!

Create and upload a video of yourself showing Sweety High your special talent to be entered to win!

Your special talent can be anything! Do you have a favorite sport, hobby, or game? Are you an artist, a writer, or a poet? Can you play an instrument or sing? The opportunities are endless!

To enter to win…

  1. Sign in to your account at If you don't have an account already, click here to create your free account! It just takes seconds!
  2. Click the Contests tab and then click on the Cimorelli contest!
  3. Create a video showing off your special talent and save it to your computer!
  4. Then upload it and push the big pink "Submit" button!

That's it! Be sure to give hearts and comment on all of the videos that you think show off the Cimorelli spirit!

Good luck, Sweetys! If you have questions about anything, just comment below!