Cimorelli Covers Roar By Katy Perry!

Cimorelli covers Roar by Katy Perry in their latest video released this week!Cimorelli Covers Roar

"Roar" is a song all about girl power and succeeding by believing in yourself, and Cimorelli's video mirrors that sentiment perfectly as it showcases Cimorelli's recent  travels as they've become famous nationwide!

The video showcases Cimorelli getting where they need to go by car, plane, and tour bus, performing in the studio and at band rehearsals, and goofing around in their hotels. We also get to see them performing in front of tons of fans and taking pictures on the blue carpet at the Teen Choice Awards!

The video shows Cimorelli signing autographs and Macy's and the line to get to them that seems to stretch for miles and miles!

We're totally loving this new cover!

The video also starts with the Cimorelli girls at the beach and celebrating Alex Cimorelli's birthday while rocking out to "The Way We Live," which is now available on iTunes!

Check out our interview with Cimorelli at the Teen Choice Awards here! We also interviewed the girls at their show at the El Rey. Watch that here!

The video also features some hilarious bloopers. Check it out below!