Cimorelli Spills Their Oldest Diary Secrets!

In Cimorelli's newest video, the 6 sisters pull out their old journals and read us some of their most embarrassing entries. We took the time to write up our favorite relatable moments. They sound a lot like some of our diaries!

Christina (2008, age 18)

christina cimorelli journal entry

"I'm way stronger now, for sure. I'm not a crumbling skeleton being strangled by hormones that once was a human being. Haha. I'm not internally crumbling right now is what I'm trying to say, and I'm proud of that."


amy cimorelli journal entry

"I hate my life on nights like these when my older siblings are out. I've been through too many of these… I feel lonely all the time. Ugh. I just want people I can hang out with spur of the moment. Grrr. Maybe I'll find a friend."

Lauren (2011, age 12, writing about Dani on purpose because she suspected her of reading her journals!)

lauren cimorelli journal entry

"So we have a big problem. Dani is totally crushing on [someone] big time. I can totally tell. She always looks at him and tries

 to talk to him. At least she doesn't like [the boy that I like]. We don't want a repeat of [a boy that we both used to like]. That was bad times. Lol."

Dani (2011, in response to what she read in Lauren's journal!)

dani cimorelli journal entry

"My life sucks! See, that's the problem with reading Lauren's journal.  She said that me liking [insert boy here] is a big problem, but then she said that there's no chance of [him] liking me back, or if he did, it'd be an even bigger problem. Wow. My heart has been stomped on and broken into 10 million pieces."

Katherine (age 18)

katherine cimorelli journal entry

"Omg, omg, omg! I definitely just deleted 'Bob' from my Facebook, which basically means I deleted him from my life… I started thinking about him and I ended up writing it in a letter and I realized that he currently makes me feel angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated and, mainly, rejected. I thought about how he talked to me first, became my friend, then stopped talking to me out of nowhere and I was so confused and hurt my that. Then I tried to make things better between us like 5 different times, and all the times, he didn't even care. He doesn't care. He doesn't want to be my friend anymore and that is loud and clear."

Lisa (2009, age 15)

lisa cimorelli journal entry

"Wow wow wow wow wow wow… After I reciprocated the smile, he knocked by off my feet. He startled me like a thrilling movie. He surprised me so intensely that all day I've been walking around, playing it in my head, trying to accept the fact that it actually happened. He said, 'hey.' He talked to me! He smiled at me! For 7 months we've been exchanging confusing glances, but all of a sudden, he flipped my world upside down. It was basically the nicest, most attractive 'hey' you could ever imagine."

Lessons learned? No matter what you're going through, you're not alone. Write things down and it'll help you get some perspective!

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