Cimorelli Inspire Future Musicians With I Can Be Society!

Cimorelli star in a new video for the I Can Be Society! The organization aims to inspire young people through real-life examples who've gone after their goals and made their dreams reality!cimorelli i can be society video

In the video, Cimorelli talk about their own start in the business and how, through hard work and staying true to themselves, they managed to become one of the biggest acts on YouTube!

Cimorelli shares their history, talking about their musical mom who passed on her talents to her daughters to turn them into the incredible group they are today, and about growing up in a family of 6 sisters, with 11 siblings in total!

Cimorelli were singing together for 2 years before they finally posted a cover to YouTube in 2009. Their version of Miley Cyrus's "Party In the USA" was an overnight viral sensation, and just the beginning of building the incredible fan base they have today!

The sisters got signed to Universal Records and moved to Los Angeles in 2010, but the process to learn who they really are and find out what they're passionate about took years.

Cimorelli had to learn to not allow themselves to be put into a box or shaped by labels, songwriters or stylists!

They realized that success is about passion and being true to yourself. It's about always getting up after you fall, even if you face criticism or you're afraid of what's next. Success means taking risks and following through.

Finally, Cimorelli decided to pursue a path that means doing only what they truly believe in. Their new Renegade EP represents who they are and reflects their hard work and their values!

Cimorelli are an amazing example for the I Can Be Society, showing people that they can be anything they aspire to be!

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