Cimorelli Tour Bus: Behind the Scenes!

Cimorelli are currently on a tour throughout the U.S., and have graciously given us a look behind the scenes on the Cimorelli tour bus!

Cimorelli Tour Bus

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"Six sisters, one bus. Let's go!" Dani says at the start of the video, which gives us more than 12 minutes of exclusive footage. It's like we're really hanging out with the Cimorelli sisters!

The girls have already performed in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and more, and still have a stop to make in Los Angeles!

In the video, the sisters introduce fans to their tour bus driver, Ike, and your manager, Mike, plus show off the bunks where the Cimorelli sisters sleep and hang out while on the road!

You also get to see what other bands have toured in that bus, and get to know Cimorelli's body guard, Jerald!

Jerald told the girls that they are actually easy to guard compared to others.

"Your fans are very good fans," Jerald said. "I've just got to be careful because you guys are America's sweethearts."

The video also includes a brilliant acoustic performance of "The Way We Live." Check it out below and tell us your thoughts!