8 Reasons Cimorelli's Debut Album 'Up At Night' Will Be The Best Album Of 2016

You've all probably definitely heard the news that after years and years of waiting, Cimorelli are releasing their first full-length debut album — AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! The album is titled Up At Night and it will be released on May 20. Our excitement levels are clearly at max capacity. We're convinced this is going to be the best album of 2016 and here are eight reasons why.

Cimorelli promotional image for up at night

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1. Cimorelli have been a band for nine years, which means we've all basically been waiting all those years for a full-length album from them. The girls def know that their fans have been waiting for this debut album. They're ready now more than ever to finally release it. Just look at the excitement on their faces when they talk about it!


2. It will feature FOURTEEN songs. That's almost triple the amount of songs they release when they put out a new EP.


3. They shared that this album is for their CimFam. Tears will be streaming down our faces once we finally listen to it.

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4. The girls revealed that a song called "Worth The Fight" is ~all~ about the fans. We are in no way prepared for this!


5. We also know that "Hearts On Fire" and "Fall Back" (AKA some of our fave Cimorelli songs!) will be on the album.


6. Plus, when you pre-order Up At Night, you'll receive a download for the full studio version of "Hearts On Fire." It's lit, CimFam.


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7. They have created their own Pledge Page for the album, where you can pre-order it and have access to tons of cool merch and experiences with Cimorelli.


8. They'll even be releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes updates on the making of the album to everyone who is a pledger on their Pledge Page.

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Obviously you need something to do while you count down the days until May 20, and we know just the thing. Take THIS quiz to discover which Cimorelli sister would make your ultimate BFF.