Our #WCW Is ALL Six Cimorelli Sisters!

There is nothing wrong with having more than one WCW, and this week, we have SIX.  Not only are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani Cimorelli THE poster children for harmony, but the fact that they're all sisters blows our minds. If they aren't your WCW already, here's why they should be!

cimorelli wcw blog post

It's obvious Cimorelli was born with musical talent. Baby Kath, Christina and Lisa have been making music together practically forever.

Even though this cover is from 5 years ago, it's still flawless and makes us want to hop in a time machine to meet the younger versions of them.


And Cimorelli were our queens of a cappella WAY before Pitch Perfect made it mainstream.


Every Cimorelli mashup is even better than the sum of its parts. That's just how Cimorelli math works.


Plus their writing skills are just beyond, and their lyrics always make us cry happy tears. Literally any bad day can instantly be made better with this song.


We would do anything to be a part of this family! Maybe they're looking for a 12th Cimorelli sibling?


Cimorelli make the ultimate team, but we love them all just as their own amazing and unique individuals. Every day of the week we have a different favorite member (except Sunday, when we obsess over them collectively!).


And just because they are practically perfect in every way doesn't mean Cimorelli can't also be silly and relatable on a daily basis.


The CimFam are one of the sweetest, most dedicated fandoms to ever, ever exist and we are honored to be a part of it ?


And Cimorelli's performances are always breathtaking, whether they're just jamming in their house…


Or sailing the seas in a music video.


They're all about lifting up their fans and helping us all realize that we're worth it!


Basically, they inspire us on the regular.


And most importantly, they know how important their music is to all of us!


If Cimorelli is your weekly #WCW, be sure to tell us why! Plus, you'll definitely want to click here to reveal which Cimorelli sister YOU are!