Katherine Cimorelli Tells Us About a 'Beyond Amazing' Fan Encounter the Band Experienced

Since releasing their first full-length album Up at Night in May, Cimorelli have been busy releasing plenty of new music videos and performing some shows.

Right now, the girls are gearing up for their performance at the We are LA Family Music Festival this weekend, which benefits several children's charities including CASA of Los Angeles—an organization that aids in bettering the lives of abused and neglected children.

We chatted with Katherine Cimorelli all about the band's upcoming performance, their three favorite songs to perform live and the song that means the most to them. But you really have to read about their most memorable fan encounter ever, because it's sure to tug on your heart strings.

Six sisters in Santa Monica ???? where are you from? And where do you wish you lived / want to visit?!

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Sweety High: Which are your three favorite songs to perform live?

Katherine Cimorelli: Near the end of our concert, there's a really epic moment where we have three of our most emotional and powerful songs packed together, which are "Good Enough," "You're Worth It" and "Worth the Fight." These three very impactful songs make us all super emotional, so sharing that experience with the fans is just super amazing.


SH: What's the one thing you all have to do before any performance?

KC: We do a 10-minute vocal warm-up. And we always pray before we perform, too.


SH: If you could perform with any of the other performers at the We are LA Family Music Festival this weekend, who would it be?

KC: Rachel Platten for sure! She seems really cool. We love covering her song "Fight Song" at our concerts. The fans always love it, so I think that would be a great collaboration.

We had so much fun performing at River On The Rooftop!! Even though you can't see me in this pic I still love it LOL it was our first show in Nashville that felt so uniquely Nashville – performing on a rooftop on Broadway! YAYYY! Thanks for everyone who came out to support us! ✨????❤️ -Kath

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SH: Why is it important for you guys to be a part of this event?

KC: We're definitely passionate about education, especially for underprivileged kids. One of my really close friends is a part of CASA. She tells me stories about how amazing it is to help out their families and be an advocate for these kids. We think it's a really cool cause and we were excited when they asked us to be a part of it.


SH: If you could describe your upcoming performance this weekend in three emojis, which would they be?

KC: ⚡️, ???? and ???? because it's full of emotion and power.


SH: Which of your own songs really means a lot to all of you?

KC: Our song "Renegade" is really important. The main lyric of the chorus is "This renegade's not changing," which is true about us. We've been performing as a group for over nine years now and we have stayed true to ourselves throughout. That's definitely one of our greatest accomplishments. Even though there was a lot of pressure and opposition, we've stayed true and at the end of the day, we're proud of what we put out there.


SH: What's the most memorable fan encounter you've ever experienced? 

KC: There was a fan recently who had a lot of struggles in her life that she overcame. We did a pledge campaign for our last album and there were all these different packages you could get. She ordered a song-writing session and a house concert. Not only did we get to meet her through Skype and write a song with her, we also got to go to her house and perform a concert for her on her birthday. It was so special because we even performed the song she wrote with us, which had lyrics from a poem she'd written. The song was called "Overcome" and it was just beyond an amazing experience.


SH: What's your favorite music video you've ever made?

KC: I always come back to the "You're Worth It" video, because that was our first time every doing such a serious, personal video. We put all our insecurities out there and the video turned out so beautifully.


SH: What's the best piece of advice you can give to anyone who wants to do what you do?

KC: What we've seen that's really cool on YouTube lately is making old things new again. Take a cover of a new song and just add your own clips and arrangements and make it interesting in your own way. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box and come up with content that's different and unique. That will draw people in.


SH: Is there anything else you want to add?

KC: We have a really cool music video for our song "Fall Back" out that you all should watch, if you haven't already. And if you're in Europe, we'll be touring in November, so come see us! ????


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