7 Insanely Cute Cinderella-Inspired DIYs

The March 13 Cinderella premiere is quickly approaching, and we plan to head to the theater in style. You can too with these 7 incredible Cinderella-inspired DIY projects that are sure to make you feel like a real-life princess. Check out the sources for full directions!

7 insanely cute cinderella diys

1. For the crafty gal

cinderella inspired mason jar diy

(via Etsy)

Technically these were being sold on Easy, but they look like they would make a quick, easy and gorgeous DIY. Coat the inside of the jar with mod lodge and sprinkle with Cinderella-blue glitter. Paint a castle on the outside (or use a stencil) with white paint to finish the look.

2. For the nail artist

cinderella castle nails diy

(via Pinterest)

Who knew Cinderella's style was so simple? Use a striper or nail art stick to draw easy lines and construct the perfect Cinderella castle.

3. For the interior decorator

bedazzled pumpkin diy cinderella inspired

(via Beneath My Heart)

You won't have to worry about this fabulous design turning back into a pumpkin at midnight… because it's already a pumpkin. Some white paint and glued-on rhinestones make for a surprisingly elegant decoration.

4. For the glamourista

DIY-Glitter-Heels cinderella inspired

(via JoyBobo)

Just add some glitter to an extra pair of heels for a gorgeous look right out of the Cinderella storybook.

5. For the tomboy

golden converse cinderella inspired

(via Dream A Little Bigger)

Want the glass slipper look with a little less glitz? Take your beat-up sneakers and give them a golden update. Other shiny colors work too!

6. For aspiring royalty

cinderella diy lace crown

(via Morena's Corner)

Be a princess for a day with these dainty lace tiaras you can make at home. They're perfect for parties, or even as an accessory on special occasions.

7. For the sweet tooth

cinderella inspired cupcakes

(via The Creative Vault)

Those glass slipper cupcakes are tasty and elegant at the same time. You can make little candy glass slippers with a heel-shaped mold, and the right hue of blue instantly makes them recognizably Cinderella.

Which of these Cinderella DIYs do you plan to try first? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and show off your latest projects with us at Sweety High.