8 Life Lessons We Learned From Cinderella

Disney'Cinderella may seem like just another fairytale on the surface, but the classic 1950 Disney princess taught us some super valuable rules we still live by today. Here are 8 of the biggest life lessons we learned from Cinderella.

1. You should offer a helping hand whenever you can.

cinderella doing chores

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2. A simple ribbon is the best hair accessory.

cinderella hair ribbon style

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3. Animals can be as good as people when it comes to friendship.

cinderella bird bffs animals

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4. Wearing comfy shoes in the right size is SO important.

cinderella wear the right sized shoes

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5. Punctuality is key.

cinderella and prince always be punctual

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6. Singing while you work will make you way more efficient.

cinderella whistle while you work

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7. Magic exists!

8. And lastly you should never, ever stop dreaming.

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