This Unique Bottle Adds Flavor to Your Water As You Sip

We've experimented with a few innovative water bottles in the past, but Cirkul is the only one that actually flavors the water while you drink it.

When the company reached out and asked us to give Cirkul bottles a shot, we were eager to see what flavored water was all about.

To get started, they sent us a kit including the plastic Cirkul bottle and lid, as well as a couple of flavor cartridges. One was the vitamin-packed fruit punch LifeSip, and the other was the mixed berry FitSip cartridge, which also contains electrolytes.

Cikrul water bottle kit

(via Cirkul)

The way Cirkul works is pretty simple. The bottle itself is a standard plastic water bottle, but that changes once you insert the flavor cartridge. The water in the bottle doesn't get flavored until it flows through the cartridge and out the spout.

Cirkul is also unique in that you get to control the flavor level in every sip. There's a dial under the nozzle that can be turned all the way to the right if you want pure, unflavored water, or all the way to the left if you want a blast of strong flavor. The flavors are also colorless and calorie-free.

Cirkul water bottle nozzle

(via Cirkul)

This is great because everyone is going to have a different preference. While some of us preferred to keep it at a mellow 3 or 4 on the dial, others preferred stronger sips at 5 or 6. The full blast flavor is very strong, and is while it doesn't taste entirely natural, it's delicious when it's toned down.

Keeping it in the middle range allowed us to get about six tasty flavored bottles of water out of each cartridge. When the flavor stopped being so noticeable, we'd just turn the dial up slightly until we ran out of flavor completely. It worked exactly as described, and we wound up drinking way more water than usual.

But while Cirkul did help us stay away from juices and sodas, it does have its limits. If you're not a fan of drinking unflavored water and drink your daily recommended amount of water only from the Cirkul, you might blow through a cartridge in a little over two days.

That can get expensive pretty quickly. While you can commit to subscription plans to save a bit of cash (32 cartridges a month is $82), the standard four-packs of cartridges are $15. If you used a new cartridge almost every other day, you'd wind up spending quite a bit of money.

Cirkul water bottle with cap off

(via Cirkul)

And because the cartridges consist of the nozzle, as well as the tube that goes down into the water, you might also want to avoid them if you're not into waste. For every new cartridge you get, you toss the old ones, and while they can be recycled in some locations, you have to dismantle it first to do so.

Even so, we plan to keep using our Cirkuls (and recently even bought a new variety pack of flavor cartridges to keep going). In our opinion, the bottle is worth using when we're craving something sweet and fruity. Using it occasionally will reduce costs and waste, and we can stick to plain old water the rest of the time.


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