THIS Increasingly Popular Aromatherapy Scent Is Sure to Lift Your Spirits

When it comes to healing aromas and essential oils, we're all pretty familiar with lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Between putting us to sleep and lifting our spirits, these fragrances have been holistically helping humans for decades.

girl gets massage with essential oil

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Traditionally, although essential oils are known to truly aid in physical and emotional discomforts, their powerful scent can sometimes be overbearing, causing us to steer away from their use.

But lately, I've seen sweet orange and citrus make its way into healing kits more frequently, and I couldn't be happier about it. Obviously, the smell of citrus is nothing new (hello, Febreze!), but seeing it pop up as a healing blend is becoming increasingly popular. 

Ever since I received Art Naturals' Bluetooth Oil Diffuser, I've heavily relied on it for sleeping. Their lavender concoction really does wonders. But sometimes a combo of the other blends (rosemary, frankincense, tea tree, for example) can overwhelm me. Luckily, with their sweet orange scent in the mix, it lightens up the overall scent, making these a bit more bearable.


I recently ordered Saje Natural Wellness' gold Aromagem Ultrastonic Diffuser, and was pleased to find that their brand, too, is big on the uplifting scent. Not only do they feature citrus on the front of their homepage, but their Happiness Diffuser Blend Collection includes several citrus-y scents—one of which being Liquid Sunshine, which also has an accompanying all-natural soy wax candle. If you put some of the oil in your diffuser and combine it with the lighting of the candle, you are on your way to a fresh-scented existence. Lately, I've been combining their Citrus Dream oil (used for its ability to refresh you) with lavender, to create an utmost calming slumber.

There is a lot that you can do with citrus scents. The oil is used to eliminate bad odors around the house, serve as a car diffuser when dabbed onto a cork, a carpet deodorizer when combined with baking soda and so much more. Just do a quick browse online, and you'll be surprised with how many neat recipes you'll find that incorporate the aroma.


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