K-Pop Group CIX Reveal the Story Behind Their New OK Not Mini-Album

Today, K-pop group CIX dropped their latest mini-album, 'OK' Episode 1: OK Not, ushering in a mature new era for the band that's resonating in a big way with their fanbase, FIX.

The mini-album contains four bold new tracks, all relating to the emotional turmoil that comes with the desperate search for love. The title track, "458," is all about this relentless pursuit, and the pain we're willing to put ourselves through in the name of love. We were lucky enough to get the chance to interview CIX and ask them all about OK Not, "458" and their recent Rebel in the US Tour. Here's what they shared with us.

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Sweety High: What is the meaning behind the title OK Not? What are the themes on OK Not, and how do they differ from the ideas on your album Be OK?

YONGHEE: The previous album was the beginning of CIX's "OK Series," showing a refreshing and cool concept that fits the definition of youth. This album will show more of CIX's intense and energetic side, as well as a mature self-agonizing to find the essence of love.

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SH: What do you hope your listeners take away from OK Not?

BAE JINYOUNG: Since we are back with a new album after a year, I hope you look forward to seeing how much we've matured. Through the four tracks in this album, we hope to deliver various emotions, such as pain and emptiness, derived from the emotion of love. I think you'll enjoy this album more if you listen to it while looking for hidden messages throughout the album.

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SH: What does the song "458" mean to the group? Why did it feel like the perfect title track, and how does it fit into the wider story of OK Not?

BX: We wanted to express the keyword "instinct" in various ways through this title track. When we think of the word "instinct," it's easy to think of a wild, speedy concept! We eventually came up with "458," which is the representative number of an Italian sports car brand Ferrari. This number also aligns with the last three digits of the speed of light. It's a song that shows a conflict between the instinct to get to one at the maximum speed and the willingness to escape from that instinct. We thought that this song could be the main story of the second OK series, OK Not, and could show our mature side through various conflicts that stem from love.


SH: OK Not is your fifth mini-album. How do you feel that the group has grown and evolved since your first?

SEUNGHUN: We've shown different sides of us through diverse concepts for each album! Whenever we prepare a new album, we don't put a limit on ourselves. We discuss with each other and share feedback to improve ourselves. We can show who we are now because we have been practicing hard to show better performances for our fans.

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SH: You also recently concluded your Rebel in the US Tour. What was it like to tour in America? Do you feel that American fans are different from fans in other places in the world?

HYUNSUK: We had a great time performing in various cities across the U.S. and meeting FIX who live outside of Korea after such a long time! We are always thankful for the love of fans from all over the world, and it was a great experience to spend time with international fans through this U.S. tour. In addition, it was a happy memory for us as our fans interacted with us so passionately throughout the tour.

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SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

BX: Thank you for your support and interest in CIX! We will continue to meet you in various ways, so please continue to show a lot of interest and look forward to us!

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SEUNGHUN: Since we worked so hard on this album, I hope people love the album a lot! Let's listen together!

BAE JINYOUNG: I think we'll have more opportunities to meet our international fans from this promotion, so we're really looking forward to these opportunities. Please love our fifth mini album 'OK' Episode 1: OK Not a lot!

YONGHEE: The main reason why we can always do our best is our fans' continuous support! Thank you for always loving us. We'll continue to show you great performances!

HYUNSUK: Please look forward to CIX's various activities! We will always work hard! Love you!

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