The Definitive Ranking of 14 Classic Chocolate Bars

We've tasted many chocolate bars in our time, and it goes without saying that certain bars are superior to others.

But which candy bars are totally worth the sugar rush, and which ones are best left in their wrappers? Scroll down to see our ranking of the bars from worst to best.

14. Hershey Bar

Hershey bars may be totally classic, but eaten alone, they're just not that good. While they might make a great, ulta-melty chocolate bar for a s'more, the flavor is more sugary than chocolatey. Without any additions to spice things up, this bar falls flat.


13. 100 Grand Bar

You're going to quickly discover that we have a bias against crispy rice in chocolate bars. The 100 Grand Bar has a sticky caramel center surrounded by crisped rice and chocolate. Though the ingredients sound good on paper, they just don't work for us. The caramel is tough and always gets stuck in your teeth, and the crisped rice texture give us heebie-jeebies when we bite in.

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12. Nestlé Crunch

Our issues with Nestlé Crunch mirror those we have with 100 Grand Bars, although this simpler chocolate bar does away with the annoying caramel. In this case, less is more, but we still aren't big fans of that crunch.

11. Whatchamacallit

Whatchamacallits also feature the crispy texture we can't stand in a candy bar, but at least it has some flavors to back up that crunch. There's peanut butter mixed in with all of that crisped rice to bring it something a little different, and the whole thing is coated with chocolate to boot.


10. Almond Joy

Almond Joy is a pretty divisive candy bar, and we actually happen to fall into the camp of those who think chocolate and coconut are pretty great together. This bar is also topped with an almond for a little extra texture. We're fans, but other chocolate bars are better.


9. PayDay

PayDay bars may not actually include any chocolate, but we think they belong on this list all the same. They have a caramel nougat center, wrapped in crunchy peanuts, and they're great for when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and actually feel kind of full afterward. Of course, we have to deduct points for the lack of actual chocolate.


8. Milky Way

Milky Ways are great. The simple bar consists of nougat that's topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. But oddly, we think they're improved by subtracting an ingredient—and that they get even better when you add one. Coincidentally, Mars makes all three.

7. 3 Musketeers

A 3 Musketeers is essentially a Milky Way without the caramel. In our humble opinion, the simplicity of just fluffy whipped nougat and chocolate makes it even better than a Milky Way. It's super light, making for easy snacking.

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6. Snickers

But Snickers is king of the 3 Musketeers-Milky Way-Snickers trifecta. It's essentially a Milky Way, plus peanuts, which makes all of the difference. The nuts add a richness that a Milky Way lacks, making for one really good candy bar.

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5. Twix

Twix has a big cookie hidden inside of it, so what's not to like? That biscuity core is topped with a layer of gooey caramel and then covered in chocolate, making for a multi-textural masterpiece. Plus, two bars come in a package, which is always a plus.

4. Baby Ruth

A Baby Ruth is a lot like a PayDay bar, but with a more chocolatey nougat, and also coated in delicious chocolate. We think PayDays are great, and when you add in the chocolate we think they're sorely missing, their ranking skyrockets.


3. Butterfinger

When you're craving a Butterfinger, nothing else will do. No other chocolate bar is quite like it. It has a crispy, flaky peanut butter core surrounded by chocolate. It's a great blend of sweet and salty, and we're obsessed.

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2. Heath Bar

If you like toffee, you're going to love Heath Bars. It's just a thin sheet of hard, delicious toffee coated in a thin layer of chocolate. It has elements of butterscotch, salt and chocolate, making for one amazing flavor combination.


1. Kit Kat

You may not think of Kit Kats as a chocolate bar, but they are—and they're the best of the best. They consist of layers of crispy wafers with a chocolate creme sandwiched in between them, and then covered in chocolate. They're crisp, sweet and satisfying—and the fact that you can break them apart to share with your friends is an added bonus.

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