A Definitive Ranking of EVERY Classic Flavor of Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts are the ultimate breakfast food.

Sweet and savory all at the same time, these delicious little pastries are the perfect sugary way to start your day.

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But not all Pop-Tarts are created equal. There's so many yummy options to choose from, but which delicious flavor outdoes all the others?

We have the answer. Keep scrolling for a definitive ranking of every classic flavor of Pop-Tarts.

17. Chocolate Fudge

It's really hard to mess up what's basically a pure chocolate Pop-Tart, but somehow Chocolate Fudge just doesn't taste right. We're not exactly sure what's off, but it doesn't have that creamy goodness that we expect from a chocolate-fudge combo. It's a little bland, and the filling doesn't mesh as well with the chocolate crust as some of the other flavors. We would still eat them, but we're definitely a little disappointed.

Chocolate fudge pop tarts

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16. Strawberry

Strawberry is a classic Pop-Tart flavor, but honestly we're pretty unimpressed. It's a little bland and it tastes a bit too artificial, which then makes the golden crust dry and unappealing. It's hard to enjoy the fruity flavor when it just doesn't taste real, which pushes Strawberry way down on our list.

Strawberry pop tarts

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15. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

We're not as wild about Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as we are about some of the other Pop-Tarts flavors. It's not necessarily bad, but it's missing that doughy flavor we're looking for. It tastes just a little too similar to the classic Chocolate Chip, and it just didn't have enough of a wow factor to thrill our taste buds.

chocolate chip cookie dough pop tarts

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14. Confetti Cupcake

While we like the fun look of this Pop-Tart, Confetti Cupcake is just too sweet. It's hard to tell if it really mimics the flavor of a vanilla cupcake because everything gets drowned in a very cloying and overwhelming sweetness. We like sugar, but we don't like it that much.

confetti cupcake pop tarts

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13. Blueberry

Much like Strawberry, the Blueberry Pop-Tart is just…fine. It's not bad, but it's not great. It's a little more flavorful than the Strawberry (hence the higher ranking), but it's still pretty artificial tasting and just overall "meh."

blueberry pop tarts

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12. Red Velvet

In general, red velvet can be a tricky flavor to master, so this Pop-Tart does the best it can with what it's been given. It definitely captures the combination of chocolate and cream cheese frosting that you expect from a red velvet cupcake, and it's the right balance of sweetness. The real failing is that it tries to mimic the cake-like texture of red velvet, and the sponginess just kind of throws the whole Pop-Tart off.

red velvet pop tarts

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11. Cherry

Cherry-flavored treats can sometimes have a tendency to taste a little medicinal, but that isn't the case with the Cherry Pop-Tart. It's sweet and tart, and it does taste like real cherries, which is all you can really ask for from this classic Pop-Tart.

cherry pop tarts

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10. Wildlicious Wild! Berry

If you couldn't already tell from the name, the Wild Berry Pop-Tart is definitely the most extreme flavor option. With bright purple and blue frosting and a red berry center, it's understandable that you'd expect a lot of flavor from this Pop-Tart. And while it definitely has a nice berry taste that's both fruity and delicious, it's not quite as "wild" as we would hope. Still, it's a perfectly delicious and respectable choice.

wildlicious wild berry pop tarts

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9. Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll is a totally fine flavor, but we would never choose it above Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll. The drizzle of icing on the top just didn't pack enough sweetness into this pastry, but it still had a yummy cinnamon taste, making it a perfectly acceptable option for anyone who wants a little less sugar in their morning meal.

cinnamon roll pop tarts

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8. Hot Fudge Sundae

Honestly, we think this flavor is delicious. It has a chocolate crust and a delicious filling, and it's topped with sprinkles—what's not to love? Unfortunately, we had to push it lower on our list because it doesn't necessarily taste like a hot fudge sundae. There isn't much in this Pop-Tart that's truly reminiscent of the creamy, ice cream-based dessert. In fact, it can sometimes taste like a close cousin of Cookies & Creme. We still love it, but it doesn't live up to its advertised flavor.

hot fudge sundae pop tarts

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7. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is an entirely made-up flavor, but that doesn't stop us from loving this Pop-Tart. Despite the fact that it's entirely artificial, it still outdoes almost all its other fruity counterparts. Plus, it's more tart than the other fruit-based flavors, giving it an entirely unique taste that we can definitely get on board with.

blue raspberry pop tarts

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6. Chocolatey Caramel

Honestly, how could we not be on board with chocolate and caramel? It's the ideal flavor combination and this Pop-Tart totally pulls it off. The center is gooey and delicious and the outside is perfectly crispy. You can taste both the chocolate and the caramel in even amounts, making this decadent Pop-Tarts one of our favorite things to eat for breakfast (or dessert).

chocolatey caramel pop tarts

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5. Chocolate Chip

Take notes, Chocolate Fudge—this is what we want out of a chocolate flavor. Even though Chocolate Chip is made with a golden crust, it still features chocolate as the main flavor. The inside is just bursting with ooey-gooey filling, which totally makes up for the fact that this pastry isn't fully frosted. It's like digging into a Chocolate Chip cookie, making its simplicity one of the major appeals of this flavor.

chocolate chip pop tarts

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4. Raspberry

In general, we're not as big on the fruity Pop-Tarts, especially in comparison to their more flavorful chocolate and bakery counterparts. However, Raspberry is the one exception. The actual flavor of Raspberry is just slightly muted, making it more interesting than the other fruity Pop-Tarts. It tastes the most like actual fruit, and it has a delicious frosting and filling that's the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

raspberry pop tarts

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3. Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Brown Sugar Cinnamon is easily one of the most beloved flavors of Pop-Tarts, probably because it tastes exactly like digging into a freshly baked cinnamon bun. The golden crust perfectly balances the sweet filling, creating a flavor combination that you could dig into any time of day.

brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts

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2. Cookies & Creme

Cookies & Creme is a classic flavor for any sugary treat, but that doesn't stop us from falling in love with these yummy Pop-Tarts. They have a decadent dark chocolate crust and an Oreo creme filling that we adore, and they always seem to strike the perfect balance of frosting on top. Cookies & Creme are sweet without being overpowering, making this tasty treat one of our favorite flavors of Pop-Tarts.

cookies and creme pop tarts

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1. S'mores

S'mores are undoubtedly the best flavor of Pop-Tarts. The gooeyness of the marshmallows and the creaminess of the chocolate are perfectly combined to create a delicious treat that we want to eat again and again. It tastes exactly like sitting around a campfire and creating your own s'mores, without the messiness of roasting (or more likely, burning) your marshmallows and getting chocolate all over your hands. S'mores Pop-Tarts taste like pure happiness, so they're the obvious choice for the ultimate Pop-Tarts champion.

smores pop tarts

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