12 Classroom Occurrences That Make Any Student's Day

Just because we know school is important and we value our education doesn't mean we have to like being in class all day. Sometimes we can't help but wish for any excuse to get out of class or have a lesson postponed.

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On the rare but miraculous occasion, these wishes actually come true. Daydream about these 12 moments that improve every student's day below.

1. Watching a Movie

Movie day is the ultimate wish for every student, which is why it's No. 1 on our list. Not only is it a break from your regular lesson, but it's also a chance to sit back and relax in some soothing darkness for 40 minutes. That said, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for! If you're hoping for a movie day, cross your fingers for something fun like Bill Nye the Science Guy or a movie based on a book you just read in class. Getting stuck with an educational video from the '80s isn't exactly the time off we anticipated. The worst is when your teacher passes out a worksheet to make sure you pay attention. Nonetheless, movie day is the best thing to happen to any student.


2. No Homework on Friday

It's Friday and your class is nearly over…your teacher is in the middle of some babble and you wish with all your brain power that the bell rings before she announces homework. Your telepathy pays off! No weekend homework to worry about means long lazy hangouts with your friends for two whole days.

3. Rainy Day Schedule Means No P.E. Uniform

In elementary school, rainy day schedules mean fun games like Heads Up Seven Up and a movie. In junior high and high school, it means not having to suit up for P.E., which is even better. Getting a break from the midday exercise that doubtlessly leaves you sticky and smelly is such a gift. Enjoy every ticking second of this free period because you never know when it'll happen again.


4. When Homework is Graded on Completion

Ever totally struggled on a homework assignment that you were just positive you didn't do correctly? Being rewarded for completion is the high school version of "A for Effort." When the teacher says the homework won't be scored we know our prayers have been answered. Why should homework be graded for accuracy anyway?

5. Disaster Drill Day

Whether it's a fire or earthquake drill, that ear-splitting alarm is magic to any student's ears. You've been practicing these drills since Kindergarten so there's no actual need to panic or even think about the next 15 minutes of your day. If you're really lucky, this drill will interrupt a test or an extra boring lesson.


6. Permission to Eat in Class

Sometimes a five minute passing period isn't even enough time to scarf down a quick snack. Those sweet words, "You can eat in my classroom," can really make your day when you forgot to grab breakfast or you're feeling low on energy. But on occasion, be expected to share!

7. Having Classes With Friends

The first day of school means a squad huddle with class schedules in the middle. As you compare classes you hope to have been put in the same period as your best friends. You know it's going to be a good semester when you get to shuffle from class to class with your main girls. The cherry on top is getting the teacher you'd desperately wanted. It's no secret which teachers are the nicest and which ones give the easiest tests.


8. Taking Something to Another Classroom

You basically feel like you've won the lottery when your teacher chooses you to take something to another classroom. Even though you're only getting a few precious moments of freedom, it's a much deserved break from the whole sitting and listening act you've been performing all day. Time to squeeze in that bathroom pitstop while you're at it!

9. Having a Substitute Teacher

Having a sub is usually an occasion to celebrate because often they just pass out worksheets and don't mind when you move to sit by friends. You know you've layered on the good karma when a substitute comes in on a scheduled test day.

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10. Group Project With Friends

Group projects can be sorta iffy. You think you want them until you get assigned a total slack-off group and end up being stuck with the entire workload. But when, by some stroke of luck, your teacher assigns you to a group with friends, it's totally time to party. Great minds think alike, so your project will not only be awesome but will be fun to work on, too.

11. Getting Checked-Out

These days require an extra powerful wish because they are so uncommon. Sometimes your mom has scheduled a dentist appointment she forgot to tell you about and other times you're off to a long family weekend. Whatever the case, being unexpectedly checked out from school is a dream come true. No matter how much you detest the dentist, it's still better than sitting through another lecture.

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12. Disaster Days

This is not a drill! Some states have fire days while others have snow days. Whatever the case may be, inclement weather or natural disasters sometimes mean a day or whole week off from school. We don't really like to say that we wish for these days because in some cases it endangers the safety of the community, but we're definitely grateful for the unexpected days off. Each student has experienced waiting by the phone or in front of the TV while newscasters list the schools that are shut down for the day. That moment when they name yours feels like a complete victory.


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