Here's How Well Clean & Clear's New Bubble Foam Cleanser Actually Works

When it comes to skincare, I've always been a huge supporter of Clean & Clear's products.

They've been with me through middle school and beyond, so when I heard about their newest acne-fighting product, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it.

The Bubble Foam Cleanser is a part of their Acne Triple Clear line, and let me tell you something: It's a game-changer.

Fighting breakouts by removing pore-clogging oil, treating existing acne and preventing future pimples, this bad boy does it all.

Clean & Clear's new Bubble Foam Cleanser on a pink background surrounded by bubbles

The fact that this product is a foam cleanser just makes it so much better.

I don't know about you, but washing my face can often be a daunting task. Using a bubbly foam cleanser, like this one, makes it way more exciting though.

Scented with the perfect combo of aloe and mint, the aroma from this cleanser is utterly refreshing. It definitely uplifted my spirits every time I slathered it on my face.

Clean & Clear's Bubble Foam Cleanser in girl's hand

Though it does contain salicylic acid, it didn't feel harsh on my skin or even dry it out. I've used a wide variety of acne products with this as the primary ingredient and they almost always cause my skin to become flakey. This one, however, did not.

I normally don't break out too often, but when I do, it can get pretty bad and it's beyond annoying.

When I tested out this cleanser, I had a couple pimples sprinkled across my chin.

After a week of using it, those breakouts were goners and my face was virtually clear.

Before and after of girl using Clean & Clear's Bubble Foam Cleanser

I'm still continuing to use the foam cleanser, and it's working out pretty well. I haven't noticed any random breakouts popping up, so that's always a plus!

For those of you looking for a cleanser that's fun to use and won't dry out your skin, I highly recommend this guy.

It smells good, it's fun to use and it's powerful at treating existing breakouts and preventing future pimples. What more could you want in a product?


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