Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Energy in 2017

After the way 2016 went, we all need to recharge for 2017.

To kick the year off on a positive note, you definitely want to start by cleansing your energy of all the negativity left over from the previous year.

Not sure how to do that? Use one of the methods below to get your energy back on track!

Utilize Crystals

Having crystals in your room or carrying them with you wherever you go is a great way to recharge your aura. Because there are a wide variety of crystals, we recommend visiting a crystal healer or your local crystal shop to discover the type and size of gem that's exactly what you need.

Amethyst crystal

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Take a Bath

An easy way to relax and unwind, baths will certainly make you feel a whole lot better after a stressful day. To maximize your time in the tub, be sure to sprinkle Epsom salt in the water to help alleviate any aches and pains you may have, or use bath bombs to add some additional relaxation and fragrance to the experience.


Do Yoga

Working with your mind, body and spirit, yoga is an excellent exercise to do when you want to achieve total rejuvenation. You can attend a class at a studio or watch YouTube videos to get yourself if full namaste mode.

Girls on purple and green yoga mats in a yoga class

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Recite a Positive Mantra

It's easy to get down on yourself, so to keep remain positive all day long, recite an uplifting mantra. Search the internet to find the one that's perfect for you, and make sure to say it as often as you need. That may be once a day or once every half hour, just do what you've got to do.


Listen to Music

When has listening to your favorite song ever done you wrong? It hasn't. So if you're not feeling up to par, blast your fave tune and sing along at the top of your lungs until you feel like your best possible self.

Girl listening to music through headphones

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Light a Candle

To be more specific, light a white candle. They're known to help purify the body and cleanse the soul of any negativity. It's one of the easiest tasks we've listed, so do it right now!


Go Outside

If none of the above work for you, step outside your front door and immerse yourself in nature. You'll feel like a completely new person as you breathe in the crisp, clean air of the outdoors.

Girl in a field of flowers holding up peace sign

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