5 Clever Ways to Orchestrate a Summer Hangout With Your Crush

Summer is about more than just tanning and trips to the beach—it's also the perfect season to lock down some alone time with your crush. The only problem is actually getting them to hang out with you…

If spending time with that cutie you've been pining after is your ultimate summer 2018 goal, keep scrolling for five clever ways to orchestrate a summer hangout with your crush.

Drop Hints Before School Ends

The best way to ensure success in your summer plans with your crush is to get started early, preferably before school even gets out. In the weeks leading up to the end of the school year, start dropping hints about how you'd like to see your crush over the summer. They don't have to be majorly flirty; just make a few small comments about how three months is a long time, you'd love to catch up before next year, you kind of want to marry them—stuff like that.

This will get your crush thinking about spending time with you, so when you do finally send that "We should hang out!" text, it's not totally out of the blue. If you're lucky, they might even act first and save you the hassle of asking them out.

Riverdale Cheryl and Archie

(Riverdale via The CW)


Find Some Common Ground

People want to spend time with someone they have something in common with—it's just a fact of life. Not only is finding common ground between you and your crush pretty essential if you actually want to end up dating this person, it also gives you a perfect excuse to ask them to hang out. If you're both obsessed with the same TV show, ask them to come over and watch the new episode at your house. If you both love playing soccer, see if they want to meet up in the park and kick the ball around for a little while. Finding something you both like and asking to do it together is the easiest way to clock some time with your crush, and it also has the added benefit of showing them how much the two of you have in common.


Recruit Your Friends

If you find that it's too intimidating to ask your crush to hang out one-on-one, there's no shame in recruiting your friends to make your summer dreams come true. With a few willing friends in tow, you can ask your certain someone to participate in some kind of group activity. Then, they can invite their own friends and you can both spend time together without feeling too uncomfortable. It also makes the process of asking them to hang out much less frightening when you can play it off as a group thing. Your crush is on a need-to-know basis, and they never need to know that this plan was really all about them.

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Find Something They Can't Turn Down

Whether their favorite sports team is in town, their favorite band is playing at a nearby venue or you want to treat them to an awesome day at a local amusement park, finding an activity that you know your crush will love is pretty much a surefire way to ensure that you get to see them. If it's something that they just can'turn down, they're sure to say yes, cementing your ability to spend some time bonding with them. Plus, you can show them how thoughtful and nice you are in the process.


Throw a Party

If all else fails in trying to plan a get-together with your crush, go with the Gatsby method—throw an elaborate party and hope that they show up. First, make sure your crush won't be out of town or otherwise occupied on the day of your party. Then, send out invites to them and all their close friends (as well as your close friends, obvi). Not only will you show that you can plan a pretty fun event, your crush will likely feel much more comfortable saying yes if they know it's a low-pressure group setting. And if they don't show up at all, you still got to have a fun party with your pals—it's a win-win situation.


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