If You Can't Stand Cliches, You'll Relate to THESE 9 Truths

They're plastered all over social media, they're written in the text messages you receive from your friends, they're seemingly inescapable—they're cliches!

They can be in the form of memes, they can be on T-shirts—there's just no hiding from them! I, personally, don't fall into the cliche trap. I absolutely refuse.

If you share the same sentiments, keep scrolling for nine truths that pertain to people who can't stand cliches:

1. Your goals exist in the form of dollar signs, not hashtags.


2. You love Mean Girls, but if you hear someone say "You can't sit with us" one more time…


3. Keep Calm and NEVER USE THIS MEME AGAIN is more your speed.


4. You wouldn't be caught dead in a slogan tee.


5. "Bae" and "slay" are words you don'say!


6. You still don't care about "Felicia" and you've never said "bye" to her.


7. On the rare occasion you refer to a "squad," you're referencing a military troop, not a gaggle of Instagram-eager gal pals.


8. You've purposely started using an overly used term solely to mock it, but accidentally began using it by habit (ie. "YAAAAS") …oops.


9. You and your friends have your own language together because, duh, that's way more fun.


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