9 Cliches That Actually Provide Valuable Life Advice

As someone who's been writing professionally for almost a decade, I can tell you the biggest no-no in print and in general conversation is the use of cliches.

These common sayings are used as filler and basically just take up space, allowing a writer to avoid conveying something meaningful or divulge a new piece of information.

That said, if you simply take these phrases for what they are, they can actually provide a bit of valuable life guidance. Given that I'm well enough along in my years to actually see how some of these play out in life, I can tell you that when you're feeling down, turn to some of them, because they will likely hold true as time goes on.

Need me to break them down for you? Keep scrolling for nine cliches that can actually provide decent life advice.

1. Mother Knows Best

It's easy to brush off mom's guidance as nonsense. What, I shouldn't date that person? What, you think that friend is a bad influence? But as time goes on, you'll look back and realize, wow, mom was right about those people. Mom was right advising you to take your career in that particular direction. Mom was right about encouraging you to go to that school. Moms are definitely not perfect and they will absolutely make mistakes that will drive you insane, but in the end, most moms really want what's best for their kids. Try to keep an open mind when she chimes in with her two cents.

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2. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

It's easy to get caught up in one person or one group of people, but when all of your energy goes into that one space, what's going to happen if things fall apart (aka you lose that basket of eggs)? You'll be left with nothing. Spread out your energy among various groups of people, so that if, heaven forbid, something goes wrong, you'll have plenty of folks (and egg-filled baskets) to fall back on.


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3. What Goes Around Comes Around 

Oh, man, if only I knew back in high school what I know now about karma. People are cruel, and—sad fact—that will not change as you get older. But, I've definitely slapped a smile on my face, knowing that some of the cruelest people I've encountered ended up getting what they deserved for their behavior. To quote yet another cliche, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You don't need to be friends with everyone, nor do you need to even remotely like everyone, but doing nasty things to people for no real reason will only get you in trouble. Even if karma doesn't bite someone right away, it will eventually. Promise!


4. When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

It's really easy to get down on ourselves after a breakup, a friend fallout or a firing from work, but seriously, these closed opportunities are making room for new ones. Because you split from your S.O., this makes room for you to catch up with your crew and meet new people. Because you had a fallout with your friend, this makes space for you to hang out with other friends. Being fired from your job gives you the opportunity to take on a new job that could end up being a better fit anyway. To quote another cliche (haha), "Look at the glass half-full." Don't see the negative side to every outcome. Look at the positives and think about how you can take your new road in a constructive direction.


5. Laughter Is the Best Medicine

When in doubt, laugh! There really is nothing better than gathering around with your closest friends and going over hilarious inside jokes or watching a silly movie that you have memorized. That happy feeling of camaraderie will lift your spirits, even in the toughest of times.

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6. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Patience is a virtue, my friend. When was the last time you saw something rushed not go down in flames? That time you dove head-first into a relationship just so you could say you were in a relationship. That time you scrambled to complete your science project at the very last minute. That time you committed to that job on the fly even though you knew you'd hate it. Yeah, those things probably didn't pan out so smoothly. Take your time with things that matter to you. Cliche: "Slow and steady wins the race." Just because your pal has a head start doesn't mean you can't catch up. Everyone operates at a different pace. If you value yourself enough to wait for what truly feels like a fit, you'll attract just what you want in due time.


7. Never Say Never

How many times have you looked at your bestie and said "I'never getting back together with my ex" or "I would never be friends with so and so" or "I would never wear that"? Or even doubted yourself in the sense of "I'll never get into that school" or "I'll never get that job"? Yep, you'll be surprised how many things in life you'll say "never" to that will actually end up happening. To prepare for the unexpected, save yourself one word from your vocab and eliminate the word "never" in this context.


8. Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

This one is a sad reality of most social circles. People have real friends, and, you know, not so real friends. The real friends are the ones who you never need to explain yourself around. You can tell them anything and you're never worried about how they will react or if they will tell other people. The not so real friends are the ones who give you a reason to watch your back. You're always just one word or light argument away from them doing something terrible to you. It'these people who you always need to make the extra effort to appease. You need to keep them close at all times so they don't go off and ruin your life.

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9. You Only Live Once

Better known as Y.O.L.O. (thanks to Drake!), this motto really does speak volumes. So you want to eat that carton of Ben & Jerry's? You want to make out with your lab partner? You want to go skydiving? Listen up: You only live once, so just do it. Even if you end up regretting your decision, you wanted to do it at the time, and you're not going to have any other lifetime to try the things you want to experience, so, as I always say, #YOLO-it!


Above, I share a bit about classic cliches, but if you can't stand today's overused sayings, click HERE.