Clothes You Officially Have Permission to Get Rid Of

Whether you consider yourself a sensible shopper or a total clothes horse, it can be difficult to get rid of clothes once they're already hanging in your closet.

After all, it'easier to just leave them be—even if you haven't touched that green sweater or too-tight pair of polka dot shorts in the last three years. Yet as you accumulate new clothes, having items collect dust in your closet doesn't exactly do you any good. If anything, they just take up space, making it more challenging for you to see (and wear!) the clothes you do like. And that's simply not good for your #OOTD game!

So consider this list your permission slip to finally get rid of the clothes in your closet that, in the words of Marie Kondo, no longer "spark joy." Find an organization to donate your old clothes to—or a little cousin who can make anything look cool—and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your closet is about to seem a lot bigger.

Clothes That Don't Fit, But You Hope One Day Might

Your clothes are meant to fit you. You are not meant to fit your clothes! If your favorite pair of pants has gotten uncomfortably tight and you're holding onto it in the hopes that one day your body will change, stop putting that pressure on yourself for the sake of denim. Send these pants off to the donation bin (or your Poshmark closet!) and focus on finding clothes that fit your body as is. You'll be happier overall—and comfier!


Trendy Items That Were Never Really 'You'

Maybe you bought a shirt in a loud print because your favorite Instagram influencer rocked neon and orange chevron, but every time you slip it on, you just feel bright. Everyone falls into the too-trendy trap sometimes, but if you push these clothes to the back of your closet despite assuming that one day your investment will be worth it, it won't. However, scoring a few extra bucks by selling it on Depop might allow you to buy something that's more "you."


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Anything You Haven't Worn In Over A Year (Yes, Anything)

Unless you spent the last year in a drastically different climate from where you're typically based (as in, you didn't actually need all your sweaters during your year-long study abroad in Costa Rica but will when you return home to Boston) it's time to say goodbye to any outfits you haven't worn in the last year. That's a whole year's worth of weather—no excuses!

One easy trick? Turn your hangers a different way every time you wear something. If you've noticed that your hangers haven't been reversed at the end of the year, well, you know where those clothes stand.


Formal Outfits You Really Can Only Wear Once

Yes, it's sentimental, but are you really ever going to wear your prom dress or tux a second time? If the answer is no, take one final photo and find your outfit a good home. There are plenty of places to donate your formal wear to those in need.


Your Faves That Are Stained or Ripped Beyond Repair

A stain or rip shouldn't automatically mean tossing your clothes in the trash or donation bin—it's worth seeing if you can sew up a hole or find a great stain remover to make your beloved piece look almost brand-new. However, if you've exhausted that possibility and are simply holding onto a favorite piece of clothing you know you won't realistically wear, that's when it's time to toss it.


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