Every Sarcastic Girl Needs These Clothes and Accessories

Is sarcasm your middle name? You've come to the right place.

Chances are you probably already express this through witty quips and plenty of eye rolls, but for an added boost to your sarcasm game, we suggest you add these sassy clothing items and accessories to your life.

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"If You Listen Closely, You Can Hear Me Not Caring" Mug: $16

Pretty much sums up how we feel when literally anyone talks to us before our morning coffee.

If you listen closely, you can hear me not caring mug from Jac Vanek

(via Jac Vanek)


"Born Annoyed" Heart Pin: $10

Raise your hand if this applies to you.????

Born annoyed heart-shaped pin from Etsy

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"Sorry, Not My Problem" Ringer Tee: $6.90

Because it's your problem, not mine.

Model wearing a shirt from Forever 21 that reads "Sorry, not my problem."

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"I Don't Care" Patch: $10

Nope, not one bit.

"I Don't Care" bubble patch from Etsy

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"Au Revoir" Denim Jacket: $98

Whichever language you speak, "bye" means "bye"!????

Au Revoir denim jacket from Valfre

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"Sorry I Didn't Answer Your Text, I Was Too Busy Ignoring You" iPhone Case: $9

At least everyone will finally know the real reason why you didn't text them back. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Sorry I didn't answer your text, I was too busy ignoring you iPhone 6S case from Jac Vanek

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"Whatever" Dad Hat: $17

That's the motto.

Whatever dad hat from Etsy

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"I Wish Common Sense Was More Common" Tee: $8.90

Don't we all.

I wish common sense was more common tee from Forever 21

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"Nope" Heart Earrings: $6.50


Nope heart earrings from Etsy

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"You Are the Comic Sans of Humans" Dad Hat: $34

Indeed you are. Sorry 'bout it!

You are the comic sans of humans dad hat from Jac Vanek

(via Jac Vanek)


"Not Impressed" Dress: $68

Oh, you thought that was impressive? Try again.

Not Impressed dress from Valfre

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"Fluent in Sarcasm" Vinyl Sticker: $3.99

It's our first language.

Fluet in sarcasm vinyl sticker from Etsy

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"S Is for Sarcasm" Print: $24

And that's all it's for.

S is for Sarcasm print from Etsy

(via Etsty)


"Eye Rolling Forever" iPhone Case: $38

Did you even experience your day if you didn't eye roll at least 500 times?

Eye rolling forever iPhone case from Valfre

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"If Only Sarcasm Came in a Font" Tote Bag: $23.50

Imagine how amazing that would be.

If only sarcasm came in a font tote bag from Etsy

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"Humans Are Gross" Throw Pillow: $27.99


Humans are gross throw pillow

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A fan of the above accessories and Taco Bell? Then you need THESE items in your life.