Cloud 9 Coming To The Disney Channel!

The newest Disney Channel Original Movie, Cloud 9, releases on January 17th!

The film stars Dove Cameron, who plays twin sisters Liv and Maddie on the show of the same name, as Kayla Morgan, as well with Luke Benward, who has starred in past Disney movies including Minutemen and Girl vs Monster, as Will.

Kayla lives the good live as a fashionista and snowboarder whose father owns a deluxe ski resort. But after Kayla gets gets in trouble after a night of pranks with her friends, she gets kicked off her snowboarding team.

Will was a snowboarding champion before a wipeout during a competition nearly cost him his life. The viral video from his accident has branded him across the world as an epic failure, forcing Will to stop snowboarding.

Kayla soon realizes that she isn't as good as others have lead her to believe, and comes to terms with the fact that she only made the snowboarding team in the first place because of her dad. She wants to become good at the sport and prove to the world that she's more than just a spoiled rich girl who gets whatever she wants.

Kayla seeks out Will's help, and he begins training and preparing her for an upcoming competition. During their training, Kayla struggles to try to inspire Will to begin snowboarding again and get over his own self-doubt.

We absolutely can't wait for the premiere. Cloud 9 looks like it will be an instant classic!

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