17 Awkward Struggles You'll Only Relate to If You're Incredibly Clumsy

When you're incredibly clumsy, you have to take a slightly different approach to the way you live your life.

There might be situations you avoid, realities to deal with and blunders you just have to be ready to make at all times. Sound familiar? We think you'll relate to these 17 struggles.

1. Over time, you've learned that you and white clothing simply don't mix. Inevitably, your favorite flawless article will wind up with permanent stains—whether it's coffee, dirt, blood or spaghetti sauce—and it's simply not worth the hurt.


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2. You've also sworn off heels, except in cases where that extra boost is worth the twisted ankle you know is coming.

3. Your shower time doubles as the time to discover fresh bruises on your body, and much of the time you have zero recollection of how you got them.

4. You're like a human level tool, with the ability to find the slightest unevenness in floors and pavement (by tripping constantly).

5. You fall down a lot, and you've got the scabs and scars to prove it.

6. And you can't wear rings with stones and embellishments without accidentally stabbing yourself in the face with them.

7. You're constantly walking and backing into strangers in public because you have zero sense of space of peripheral vision, and at times you've considered just staying inside to avoid the embarrassment.

8. You're also 99% sure that objects sometimes spawn out of thin air right in front of you, just so you can trip over or walk into them.

9. That's exactly why you sometimes put sticky notes or decals on glass doors, just to be extra sure you understand that it's there.

10. You know better than to even go into the sections of shops with all their nice ceramics and glassware because you know it's a disaster waiting to happen.

11. Your phone screen is a broken jumble of taped-up glass shards. It's also the third or fourth replacement screen you've purchased, and you've basically given up at this point.


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12. It's also become your nighttime ritual to stop that badly cracked phone on your face before bed.

13. You've never been the biggest fan of P.E. because your lack of hand-eye coordination means your sports skills are severely lacking.

14. You've also become convinced there's some type of magnet in your head that attracts soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and all other flying sports equipment.

15. You don't even try to paint your nails, because you know there's no polish in the world that dries fast enough to survive your clumsiness.

16. Between the potential to chop off your fingers, and burn yourself and the food, you don't really cook.


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17. And you've come to terms with the fact that your makeup game will never be what you want it to be. Your unsteady hands mean your face is sometimes a mess and that the quest to get eye symmetry is a futile one. But that doesn't stop you from managing to look cute.


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