15 Times the Co-Star App Went Too Far With Its Daily Horoscopes

If you're adamant about checking your horoscope on the regular, by now you've probably downloaded Co-Star.

The app goes into great detail about what you can expect on any given day, utilizing every aspect of our birth chart. Where most of us only read the horoscope for our sun sign, Co-Star takes into account our sun, moon, rising and other sign placements to deliver the most accurate daily horoscope you'll ever read.

It's all fun and games until you get a push notification from the app roasting you to a crisp. While it is humorous (and always accurate), it is slightly hurtful.

We're not the only ones who feel this way. Check out 15 times Co-Star went too far with their daily horoscopes below!

1. See we knew that, but you didn't need to call us out like that:


2. We've cracked the code:


3. We would, but it's too late:


4. We were hoping you'd tell us:


5. That's like asking us not to breathe:


6. If you say so:


7. Don't have to tell us twice:


8. At this point, not even that will help:


9. All of the above:


10. So you're just going to do us like that:


11. Spend it, spend it all:


12. Outside bad:


13. Guess it's okay to sleep all day then:


14. Who do you think you are:


15. We're blaming Co-Star for all our failures now:


Co-Star can do a lot of things, but helping you mend a broken heart is not one of them. Lucky for you, THESE apps exist to help you get over any and every breakup.