The Best Coachella 2023 Artist Lyrics as Instagram Captions

Coachella 2023 is right around the corner, with Weekend One starting on April 14.

And this year just might be the festival's best lineup ever. From headliners Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK and Frank Ocean, to other artists including Becky G, Labrinth and The Kid LAROI, we're counting down the days until the iconic desert festival is here. So, whether you're planning on going or simply streaming it from your phone, here are some of the best lyrics from Coachella 2023 artists to use as Instagram captions.

For when you're thinking about your favorite song:

"Can you tell that you drive me crazy? 'Cause I can't get you out my mind."

-"Shower" by Becky G

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For when you're vegging out on the couch:

"My dreams, they've got to kiss me 'cause I don't get to sleep, no (*beep*)."

-"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz


For that pic of you picking up your car at the valet:

"What's it gon' be? G-Wagon or de Bentley?"

-"Ye" by Burna Boy


For when you're single and happy:

"Espero que seas feliz y que te diviertas, eh. Pero pa' acá no vuelvas, no no no no."

-"Vete" by Bad Bunny


For that photo of you sipping on your fave drink:

"If you know, you know."

-"If You Know You Know" by Pusha T

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For when you're dancing with your besties:

"One. You gotta have fun. Two. You gotta move. Three. Can you do it with me? Four. When the beat stops, baby, we can rock some more."

-"Feed The Fire" by SG Lewis


For that photo of you and your first-world problems:

"I don't want you to hide your issues. Blow them into your tissues."

-"Tissues: by YUNGBLUD


For when you and your BFF snap a mirror pic:

"Look at you, now look at me, how you like that?"

-"How You Like That" by BLACKPINK


For that picture of you getting emotional watching your favorite artist perform:

"You cut out a piece of me, and now I bleed internally. Left here without you, without you."

-"Without You" by The Kid LAROI

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For when you're boy crazy:

"I was busy dreaming 'bout boys, boys, boys."

-"Boys" by Charli XCX


For that photo of you feeling on top of the world:

"Mount Everest ain't got on me, 'cause I'm on top of the world."

-Mount Everest" by Labrinth


For when you and your bestie are going to be BFFL:

"I think that I'll keep loving you, way past 65. We made a language for us two, we don't need to describe."

-"Best Friend" by SOFI TUKKER


For that pic of you at the festival:

"Summertime under the neon lights."

-"Sugar" by Remi Wolf

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For showing off your healthy relationship:

"I thought that I was dreamin' when you said you love me."

-"Ivy" by Frank Ocean


For when you're over your ex:

"I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions."

-"Black Lake" by Björk


For that photo of you holding some fresh blooms:

"'Cause after the storm's when the flowers bloom."

-"After the Storm" by Kali Uchis


For when you're holding your S.O. tight:

"And I'll take it all, babydoll. Whatever's been weighing you down."

-"Babydoll" by Dominic Fike

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For that pic of you vibing in the desert:

"Caught a vibe. Baby, are you coming for the ride? I just wanna look into your eyes. I just wanna stay for the night."

-"Meet Me At Our Spot" by Willow


For when you're dancing in the desert:

"My heart just dropped. Thinkin' about you. The world just stops. When I'm without you."

-"Fire for You," by Canons


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