The Best Cheap Body Art Buys That'll Help You Stand Out at Coachella

It's almost April, which means Coachella is almost here.

We know you're bound to bulldoze through the racks at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 for all your romper and crop top needs—but your skin-baring buys are incomplete without just the right body art to accompany them.

That said, the last thing you want to spend endless dollars on is body art. Save the big bucks for a sturdy pair of booties to get you through hours of being on your feet. We've rounded up a list of affordable buys for you, but in case you're struggling with creativity, check out what we did below.


(Let's make #CoachellaTears a thing, yeah?)

Want to copy the look? Start with Oxygenetix breathable full-coverage foundation, followed by styling gel to bond the art (we used Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel). We then applied our charms (we used China Glaze's sold-out Totally Studded nail accessory kit), and topped it off with Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars' Liquid Lip Color in Kiki.

Whether the above look is one you like, or you'd prefer to do something a little different, make some magic yourself with five cheap body art buys that'll help you stand out at the festival.

China Glaze Gleam Team Kit: $20

These little studs are technically made for nails, but guess what? They work amazingly as face art once you apply hair gel. And they come with a bunch of extras, so if one falls off, you've got plenty left over.

Kill Black's 2-in-1 Star Stamp Eyeliner (Set of 4): $15.95

These cute designs take minimal effort, thanks to these 2-in-1 black eyeliner markers. One side serves as your standard liner, while the other allows you to stand out like a star (or at least stand out wearing them).


China Glaze Chic Physique Purple Holographic Nails: $9.98

Coachella is the time to go wild with your nails. And what better way to do it than with these colorful (and Kylie Jenner-esque) nails? If you don't want to deal with these bad boys past Coachella, no problem. They're pre-glued, aka commitment free.

INKED by Dani Temporary Tattoos: $1.50 each

We've raved about these adorable designs in the past, and there's no better time to put them to use than Coachella. With a variety of colors and art, you'll be able to put your passions on display for everyone to see. Then once you're back to school and work, you can go back to being ink-free.


Temporary Henna Tattoo Sticker: $10.99

Want to make a bolder statement than a simple temporary tattoo? These henna tattoo stickers won't necessarily set you apart from everyone else rockin' them at the fest, but they'll definitely give your skin some personality. And because they're just stickers, they're far less of a commitment than actual henna ink.


Now that you know what to buy, let's make sure you've got a smooth face to apply your art. Click HERE to watch us get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin in under a minute.