10 Coachella Insta Captions That Are Anything But Basic

Toss out your flower crown and don your glitter makeup—Coachella 2018 is finally here.

Trendy outfits,  fantastic music and mellow vibes are the hallmarks of Coachella weekend, and with so many fun things to do and see, you obviously have to document it all on Instagram. But which captions will perfectly capture your unique festival experience?

Keep scrolling for 10 Coachella Insta captions that are anything but basic.

For a photo of you and your friends in your most Coachella-worthy outfits:

"Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up."

-"Partition" by Beyoncé

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For a photo of you arriving at the festival on Friday afternoon:

"I'm on cloud nine."

-"Life of the Party" by The Weeknd


For a photo of you struggling to pull yourself together Sunday morning:

"I'm a trainwreck in the morning."

-"Flaws & All" by Beyoncé


For a photo of you and your S.O. enjoying your favorite set:

"Ultimately, I just want someone who knows what songs not to talk over."


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For the typical photo of you standing in front of the ferris wheel:

"Can't beat 'em, just join the party."

-"Broken Clocks" by SZA


For a photo of you lost in the crowd during a big set:

"Aren't we made to be crowded together, like leaves?"

-"Third of May / Ōdaigahara" by Fleet Foxes


For a photo of you rockin' out during Cardi B's set:

"Spoil me in Prada, I'm worth every dollar."

-"She Bad" by Cardi B


For a photo of you and your squad in your most out-of-the-box ensembles:

"Spend your life doing strange things with weird people."


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For an artsy photo of you twirling to your favorite tune:

"Music is the strongest form of magic."

-Marilyn Manson


For a photo of you heading home after the last performance of the weekend:

"Good music doesn't have an expiration date"



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