Want to Find Out If Coachella Is for You? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Coachella is an experience, to say the least.

If you've seen photos online, you probably picture a bunch of beautiful people in amazing outfits, listening to good music and hanging out with friends. And while that is all true, there are a lot of other things you need to be aware of. From camping to porta potties, sweltering heat and more, Coachella definitely isn't for everyone. Continue below to find out if Coachella is for you by looking at all the pros and cons.

Con: Accommodations Are Expensive

Whether you're camping, renting an Airbnb or staying at a hotel, accommodations in the Indio area are crazy expensive. Don't be surprised if you're out hundreds of dollars in a room or house alone. It's definitely best to be with a bigger group so the cost goes down.


Pro: You Get to Have a Fun Getaway

Coachella is a vacation and Indio is the place to be! It's such a beautiful desert town with tons of photo opportunities and things to do.

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Con: The Festival Is Very Loud

You don't know loud until you've been to Coachella, which is why it's not surprising so many people wear earplugs and even noise-canceling headphones. Some sets are so loud that you'll literally feel the vibrations in your body.


Pro: The Music Is Incredible + Special Appearances

If you can get over the volume, you'll be able to experience the incredible music. From rap to pop, house, alternative and more, there's a music genre everyone is bound to like. Plus, a lot of the musical artists bring our surprise guests of their own!

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Con: Camping Is Hard

If you decide to go camping, it's probably not exactly what you're picturing. It's basically a huge grass field with cars and tents everywhere. There aren't really lines to separate people and you have to use communal showers and porta potties. It'not glamorous.


Pro: You Get to Bond With Friends and Meet New People

Camping means you don't need to walk or Uber back to your accommodations! Plus, you get to really bond with the friends you came with. You'll also meet all sorts of new people and make new friends that will last you a lifetime.

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Con: It's Super Hot

Coachella always takes place in April, and while that may seem like a cool month in most places, Indio is in the desert. It should come as no surprise that people suffer from heat stroke and dehydration at Coachella!


Pro: You'll Get a Tan

On the bright side, you'll get a killer tan if you have fair skin. But remember to put on sunscreen!

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Con: Picking Out Outfits Is Stressful

Some people put tons of time, effort and money into choosing their outfits for the three days of the festival. It can be super stressful and leave your wallet feeling rather empty. With so many trends to keep up with, trust us when we say you'll probably never feel fully satisfied.


Pro: Your IG and TikTok Feed Will Look Amazing

Once you do have your outfits all picked out and you can actually enjoy the festival itself, you can finally capture some killer pictures and videos to post on TikTok, Instagram and your other socials.

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Con: Your Feet Will Kill You

The only way to get around the grounds at Coachella is by walking. Sure, you can rent a bike with an attached wagon to take you to the entrance, but that's as far as it goes. Expect to walk anywhere from three to seven miles a day, depending on how often you're moving around.


Pro: Dancing Makes Up for It

Even though your feet will undoubtedly be killing you, dancing more than makes up for it. Whether you're grooving in the DoLaB or are listening to your favorite artist in the Sahara Tent, trust us when we say there are tons of dancing opportunities.

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Con: Strangers Can Be Intimidating

If you're not the sort of person who likes to strike up conversations with strangers, you might not enjoy the vibe at Coachella. Everyone is in a great mood and seems to talk to one another, often combining friend groups!


Pro: Tons of Celebrity Sightings

One of the best parts of Coachella is the opportunity to see tons of celebrities. Whether you sneak a peek into the VIP section or see a celeb in line waiting for the Ferris wheel, you're pretty much guaranteed to see a handful of famous people.

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Con: Food Is Expensive

If you're on a budget, the food prices at Coachella are seriously going to blow your mind. Think $15 french fries on top of a $15 burger. Things don't come cheap here.


Pro: The Food Is Out of This World

Even though the food is expensive, it is truly amazing. Featuring all sorts of cuisines, expect the lines for food to be super long.

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