All The Proof That Rydel Lynch Totally Owned Coachella

Coachella Weekend One came and went, but we're still dreaming about owning the outfits our girl Rydel Lynch wore to the festival. We know we've already sung her praises before when it comes to her style, but everything she wore this weekend had us loving her fashion choices even more. Not to mention, her accessories were the definition of on point. We could actually talk FOREVER about how Rydel owned Coachella, but we think you should just see for yourself.


The 1970s vibes are strong in this floral two-piece she wore the first day of the festival. Also loving the decision to ditch her shoes. Who needs them anyways?

Rydel Lynch wearing a 1970s inspired two piece outfit on the lawn in Indio, California for Coachella

(via @rydelr5)


Rydel's day two outfit was definitely made for her. She's a total flower child and no other human being could work this outfit quite like she did.

R5's Rydel Lynch holding up a peace sign while wearing a 1970s outfit at Coachella in Indio, California

(via @rydelr5)


And then day three happened and she was still looking supes cute even though it was like 900 degrees. We're all about her oversized sunglasses and black floppy hat. Total music festival necessities. That choker though? To. Die. For. (Side note: HOW CUTE ARE RYDELLINGTON?!?!?! #CoupleGoalsToTheMax)

Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff eating a watermelon at Coachella 2016 weekend one

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Clearly we're a fan of her daily Coachella outfits, but we were definitely feeling her makeup, too. Can we talk about how ~flawless~ this fun eye makeup is. SOS, where can we find a tutorial on how to create this ourselves?

Rydel Lynch eye makeup coachella

(via @rydelr5)


Um, RIP us because this beauty look totally just SLAAAYED our entire existence. Those accessories are tres adorbs, too. Rydel is ~probably~ the only person who could make us want to wear a candy heart necklace every day for the rest of our lives.

Rydel Lynch heart stickers Coachella eye makeup

(via @rydelr5)


After reading this, you're prods wanting to steal Rydel's style, yeah? Story of our lives, tbh. But don't fret, we have three easy ways you can dress just like Rydel for you HERE.