Here's What NOT to Wear to Coachella

Grab your denim cut-offs and get your festival braids, because Coachella kicks off next weekend!

We are counting down the days until the sun, sand and our fave bands. And TBH, we've already started planning our outfits because Coachella is the weekend to bust out some major style. Dare we say Coachella is the New York Fashion Week of the desert?


We've got a few Coachella veterans here at Sweety High, and while Coachella is the time to have fun with fashion, there are also a few major fashion don'ts. So, we rounded up our Coachella experts to create a foolproof list of Coachella fashion no-nos so you don't look ridic on the festival fairgrounds.

Don't Wear Nice Shoes or  Heels

This one might seem obvious, but don't wear nice shoes or heels! Think of your shoes as your armor against the elements. They must be comfy, be resilient to dirt, sand, even rain, and ideally, they should be closed-toe. You have to walk about half a mile just to get into the festival, and each stage feels ions apart, so make sure you wear shoes you can walk in. And to be honest, you'll probably have to throw them out after the weekend, so go with ones you don't mind parting with. And obviously, no heels. Try to avoid anything overly strappy, and flip flops, too!


Don't Wear Too Much Fringe

A little fringe is A-OK. In fact, it's encouraged! But don't be a fashion victim by overdoing the festival fun with too much of it. Think of it as an accent piece—choose a fringed bag, a fringed boot or even a cool fringed top or vest. But wear just one piece of fringe per day. You get three days, so style wisely!


Don't Wear Offensive Trends

It might be tempting to pick up that Native American headdress, but think twice before you wear an offensive trend. Celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and Khloe Kardashian have gotten slammed for wearing them in the past, so do yourself a solid and opt for feathers or a Navajo-inspired print instead.


Heidi Klum Wearing Native American Headdress

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Don't Carry a Massive Bag

Sure, it's tempting to bring a big bag to carry all your essentials, but a big bag can be annoying to lug around. Not to mention, you will take forever getting through security and will surely get tired toting a big ol' bag around all day long. Pack the basic necessities and try to go hands-free by choosing a fanny pack or a backpack.



No Skinny Jeans or Super Tight Clothes

Coachella is in the desert, which means it gets really hot. And that desert heat is no joke. Always opt for loose, bohemian clothes that allow your skin to breathe, while leaving the skinny jeans and bodycon dresses at home. If you're worried about getting cold at night, bring along a light cardigan.


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Don't Overdo a Decade

Nothing says Coachella quite like the '70s. We are all about paying homage to the most boho era of the 20th century, but don't overdo it. No one wants to be the girl doing the most, aka wearing the big hat, circle sunglasses, crop top, maxi skirt, fringed bag and sandals. Being subtle is way more chic.


Don't Wear a Ton of Makeup

A weekend at Coachella means being hot, sweaty, and sandy the whole time. Coachella is not the time to layer on the makeup. In fact, it's the time to go the most minimal. Try a super sheer coverage BB cream and a little waterproof mascara. And SPF, obvs.

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Be Mindful of the Flower Crown

This one is debatable. The flower crown is really overdone and totally cliche, but if you're inner style sixth sense is urging you to wear one, go for it. Just know that it's a little trite. For a fresh spin, try fresh flowers.


Don't Load Up on the Costume Jewelry

We know it's tempting to load up on the baubles, but steer clear of fake jewelry, like the kind you buy at H&M or Forever 21. For starters, your fingers and toes expand and swell in the heat, so rings and bracelets get tight and uncomfortable as the temperatures rise. Also, that heat mixed with hand sanitizer and lotion is sure to turn sensitive skin green, and that's not cute!



Don't Wear Grey (or Any Color That Shows Sweat Stains)

If you're wearing something with sleeves, or something that is tight on the back or through the chest, stick to light or dark colors. Boob sweat, back sweat, and armpit sweat are bound to happen, so it's best to avoid any color that's going to leave you with your arms down and crossed.


Don't Wear Anything Floor Length

Maxi skirts and dresses are totally fine, just make sure they don't actually touch the ground. Floor length pieces will get destroyed by the dirt and by people stepping on you, no fun!

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However, dad hats are a major fashion DO for Coachella. Shop a few of our fave dad hats HERE!