This Coco-Inspired Nail Art Is to Die for

A manicure that's to die for is fitting for Day of the Dead.

Disney Style has just the nail art to meet our criteria. Its official Instagram account shared a video on Monday, Oct. 8 that shows how to do a perfect Coco-inspired manicure. We're not at all confident we could recreate it, but we're still impressed.

The nail art appears to take a certain amount of supplies and skill. From what we can tell, it requires at least six different colors of nail polish, special brushes and very steady to hands.

Most of us will probably not be DIY-ing it, and yet the video is still fun to watch.

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You can't help but appreciate it, right? The nail art is pretty and vibrant, and it really captures the more celebratory elements of both Coco and Day of the Dead. The nails are to die for, and they also give us life.

Disney-Pixar's Coco

(Coco via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

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