Coco Jones Just Wants To Make People Dance!

Coco is heading out with the popular boy band, Mindless Behavior, on their All Around the World Tour!

Coco Jones
Coco Jones is a 15-year-old actress and singer whose incredible voice was recognized at a very young age. Before she was 10 years old, she had performed in front of football stadiums and appeared on "The Most Talented Kids" episode of The Maury Povich Show.

Sweety High spoke to Coco about her upcoming tour, her history with music, and what plans she has for the future!Coco Jones's tour with Mindless Behavior begins July 1."I met them when we were discussing the tour and they're great people!" Coco said. "Really funny and cool to hang out with. Plus, they're great performers. I can't wait to hit the road with them!"

Coco is currently in the middle of recording a new album, but couldn't divulge too many of the details!

"My upcoming album is still in progress, but so far it's really fun," she said. " I always want to make music that makes people feel good and want to get up and dance."

Her latest single is "The World Is Dancing." Coco said the song was inspired by her love of dance.

"Like I said, I love making music that gets people on their feet and dancing. It's about being young, forgetting your problems, and dancing to the music. I love performing that song because it really does get people up and dancing!"

She has another single in the works, but she wouldn't reveal the name of the track. She said she absolutely loved recording it, and recently heard the finished product for the first time.

According to Coco, Radio Disney helped her get her big break. She appeared on Radio Disney's NBT, or "Next Big Thing." Coco took second place, and her relationship with Disney has grown ever since.

In fact, Radio Disney was the first radio station to ever play one of Coco's songs.

"They've always been so great to me," she said." I always say that Radio Disney is like a second home to me— I love the people that work there, both on and off camera."

Coco Jones

The first-ever Radio Disney Music Awards were held in April of this year. Coco took home the "Funniest Celebrity Take" award!

"Being nominated was an honor all by itself and being able to take home my first award, and have it be from the very people who helped make me who I am today was such an incredible feeling," Coco said.

Coco also performed her song "The World Is Dancing" at the awards.

Just a few months ago, Coco learned that she would be performing in a  series of concerts with YouTube heartthrob Austin Mahone! She's already performed a few shows with him and hopes to do more.

"He's awesome and a talented performer," she said. "I'm excited that we'll be playing more shows together!"

Coco is also an established actress. She starred in the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine, which was the most-watched Disney Channel Original Movie of 2012! She also appeared in a few episodes of Good Luck Charlie.

"Right now, I'm focusing on finishing my record, and the All Around The World tour with Mindless Behavior," Coco said. "After that, I'm sure there will be other acting gigs. Some roles have come up, but conflict with my tour dates, so right now, it's just music, music, music!"

Many young girls aspire to be just like Coco. She has a few words of advice for them!

"Never give up and always believe in yourself, she said. "Keep trying!"

She added that every singer or actor goes through some kind of rejection, but that' just another reason to try even harder!

"Just because you had a bad audition or performance doesn't mean you're not a great performer!" Coco said. "Treat every audition or performance like it's going to be your last, and give your fans and audience everything that you've got. Also, never think that you're done learning, no matter how much you know and how much you've done."

You can catch Coco Jones on tour with Mindless Behavior from July 1 to August 18!