Every Fun Fact You Need to Know About Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn is a firecracker!

This little dancer and actress is only nine years old, but she's made a big splash on YouTube's Brat series, Mani. She may play mean girl Katie, but Coco herself is all bubbly energy and positivity.

We got a chance to get to know this rising star better, and you can do the same by scrolling below:

Coco Quinn at Sweety High

(Photo Credit: Sweety High)

Name: Coco Quinn

Birthday: June 7

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts

1. She's the youngest of four. Her two sisters are Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn.

Merry Christmas!! ???????? #sisters ????????????????????????

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2. She loves all things beauty and fashion.

3. She's self-conscious about her height:

"My 2018 goal is to grow! Everybody is so tall at my school." -Coco Quinn

4. She majorly digs her Mani crew. 

"I love working with all my friends! They're like a second family to me. We always have sleepovers." -Coco Quinn

5. She reveals the hardest part about her job:

"Finding time to eat!" -Coco Quinn

6. Her favorite kinds of dance are jazz and hip-hop.

"I'm a very high energy person, so I like high energy dance!" -Coco Quinn

7. Her favorite type of pizza is cheese with olives and barbecue sauce.

8. She knows what she'd bring with her to a deserted island.

"Water, pizza, and Band-Aids—in case I touch a cactus." -Coco Quinn

So happy to see my BFF!! ????????????

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