Cocokind Conscious Skincare's Latest Lotion Utilizes an Unexpectedly Hydrating Ingredient

After being introduced to Cocokind back in October of last year, the plant-based natural skincare company has become one of my absolute favorites.

While my skincare routine is constantly rotating new goodies in and out, I still keep a Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick at my desk to deal with chapped lips, and still use their Daily SPF Sunscreen Lotion every morning, as well as their Matcha Face Moisturizer every night. Their products are gentle and lightweight, but nourishing, and I never have to think twice about putting them on my skin.

So when the folks behind Cocokind reached out about a new product, launching today, Jan. 26, I was more than eager to check it out. It's a prebiotic Sake Body Lotion, and after moisturizing with it for more than a week, here's how I really feel about it.

The Product

Cocokind's Sake Body Lotion is made with sake—or Japanese fermented rice wine—which is ultra-hydrating, and great for combating dryness, particularly in the chilly winter months. The sake contains brightening enzymes and acts as a very gentle exfoliant. It's also prebiotic, benefitting the skin's microbiome, and has just the right pH level to help users maintain soothed, supple skin while supporting the skin barrier with the fatty acids, antioxidants and lipids found in avocado oil.

Even the packaging is innovative. The bottle looks sleek and sophisticated in a muted rose color, with a convenient pump, and it'all made with recycled ocean plastic. The 12 oz. bottle sells for $16.



(via Cocokind)


The Experience

I tend to gravitate toward luxuriously scented body lotions, so I was very curious to find out how I'd like this fragrance-free moisturizer. The white lotion pumped easily out of the gorgeous bottle, and I found that it smelled a little like gently roasted brown rice. It wasn'completely scentless, but what little aroma it did have was relaxing and smelled very clean.

More important than the scent, however, was how it felt on my skin. After hopping out of a hot shower, I wanted to replenish any moisture I'd lost, and this moisturizer got the job done. This lotion made my body feel hydrated without being greasy, and absorbed right into my skin instead of sitting on it in an oily layer. It also left my skin looking shiny, soft and healthy, and that feeling lasted throughout the day. Repeated uses have only made my skin look even more vibrant and refreshed—and the cute bottle on the bathroom counter is the perfect reminder not to forget to moisturize.


(via Cocokind)


Bottom Line

If you've been experiencing dry or cracked skin this winter and want a great moisturizer without any unneeded fragrances or bad-for-you ingredients, I would not hesitate to recommend Cocokind's Sake Body Lotion. While it's certainly pricier than most drugstore lotions, it also offers much more, and compared to other specialty brands, the price is quite fair. But if your hands are perfectly soft, and you enjoy creams and lotions because they make you smell amazing, this isn't going to become your go-to anytime soon. It's rice scent is so subtle it's barely there—but in my eyes, that's only a plus if you want pure hydration.


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