5 of Our Favorite Coconut-Infused Beauty Products

When it comes to beauty products, we're all about sticking with natural ingredients.

One of our absolute favorites is coconut. With so many amazing properties that benefit your hair, skin and nails, coconut is one versatile fruit. Whether it's a hair mask, body balm or something else, if there's coconut in it, we will always give it a shot.

Keep reading for five of our absolute favorite coconut-infused beauty products:

Kopari Beauty Organic Coconut Melt: $28

Kopari is the coconut queen of beauty brands, so it should come as no surprise they made it on our list! Our fave product of theirs at the moment is the coconut melt. It's made up of 100% organic coconut oil and can be used all over your body from head to toe. The oil literally melts right into your skin, hydrating you from the inside out. Use it as a hair mask, eye gel, bath oil, body moisturizer and more.

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OSEA for Parachute Hydrating Hand Cream: $39

We're all about supporting small beauty businesses, and OSEA is certainly at the top of our favorites! They did a collab with Parachute and came up with this super moisturizing hand cream. This hydrating product is jam-packed with good-for-you ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acid. If you suffer from super dry hands, you need to give this product a try.

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Teadora Beauty Raw Coco-Mint Tonic: $16

If you have sensitive skin, we're willing to bet you're not always down to try new products. But listen up, because Teadora's coco-mint tonic was made just for you. Meant to be used as a toner or mist, this versatile must-have will leave you with soft, protected and moisturized skin. Rich in ingredients like coconut and water mint, you'll be left feeling re-energized and hydrated.

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Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque: $44.90

All of our hair could use a little bit more love, don't you think? That's why we use Coco and Eve's Like a Virgin hair mask. Said to be a five-in-one treatment, this mask revives, repairs, restores, tames and conditions the hair. Plus, it's so easy to use! All you have to do is lather your towel-dried hair in the coconut and shea butter-infused mask for 5-10 minutes and rinse it out.

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Everyone Coconut + Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray 6-Pack: $17.99

In today's day and age, carrying around a hand sanitizer is a total must. When we're out and about and need some protection, we love spritzing our hands with Everyone's coconut and lemon hand sanitizer spray. We love the spray function as it's much more convenient than the typical gel form. Plus, it smells of delicious coconut and lemon, making this product a winner in our book.

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