These New Oreos Taste Just Like Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

With all of the buzz around Oreo's new mystery flavor, we somehow missed that they also released coconut-flavored Oreo Thins earlier this year. We totally regret not discovering the cookies sooner.

Coconut Oreo Thins packaging

If you love Oreos but haven't had Oreo Thins before, they're absolutely worth a taste. Both the cookie and creme layers are thinner, making for a more snackable experience with a different cookie-to-creme ratio than the traditional Oreos. While the standard Oreo Thins are good, the new coconut ones are even better.

Coconut Oreo Thins stack

Though they might look just like a standard Oreo, they're anything but. They smell a bit like toasted coconut, and each nibble is a lot like biting into a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie, minus the caramel. If you get a hankering for those cookies during the off-season, these just might satisfy your cravings.

Coconut Oreo Thins stack twisted open

If you dislike coconut, you likely won't enjoy this cookie much, but if you love the occasional Mounds bar or Almond Joy, you'll enjoy Oreo's take on combining chocolatey goodness with coconut creme flavor. Excuse us while we buy the entire stock.

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