Cody Simpson and Jessica Jarell Released a Duet Together!

Cody Simpson and Jessica Jarrell have just released a duet titled, 'Inescapable'.

This isn't the first song the pair have created together – they also released a song called 'Make It Hot' and another called 'Ay Na Na'.

It's not surprising that this is the third song the friends have produced together – Jessica opened for Cody when he went on tour where they no doubt made a lasting bond.

However, Cody isn't the only artist Jessica has worked with lately. She also made a guest appearance on Justin Bieber's Christmas album and recorded a duo with Ne-Yo called 'Priceless' back in January.

Listen to the newest duet in the string of collaborations – 'Inescapable'! Are you diggin' this new track, Sweetys?