Cody Simpson Takes a Stand Against Cyberbullying!

Cody Simpson may be a pop sensation, but that doesn't keep him out of the way of vicious cyberbullying.

"Cyberbullying is something that I experience online everyday," Cody admitted at a youth rally against bullying. He says that being in the spotlight puts him in a place where it's easy for fans to send their love, or detractors to send their hate.

"Everyone experiences that, but I just try my best," Cody says. "Obviously, you can see how severe it can go and it's important to do our best to prevent situations like that because it's terrible."

Like other stars, Cody is constantly sent mean messages via Twitter. "Right now I have kind of grown almost numb to it," he says. At the start of his music career, he would go out of his way to look up the hate messages and see what people were saying about him, but today he makes sure never to look at them, he says.

"People say these things," Cody says. "They don't even know you. It does hurt a little bit. They didn't even have a chance to know you as a person and all they see is what is online. When someone sees a person doing that it kind of snowballs and people start to think it's okay."

Now, Cody is part the Defeat the Label campaign, which tries to create an environment free of bullying, labels, and stereotypes.

I absolutely love what Cody is doing to stamp out bullying! What do you do to stop bullies in their tracks?

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