Cody Simpson Talks Bieber Comparisons

One year ago this month a star was discovered–a Youtube star that is! Thirteen year-old Australian-born Cody Simpson was discovered off of Youtube performing amazing covers of artists such as Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz. He just recently debuted his first music video for his hit song 'iYiYi' featuring Flo Rida.

Does this sound like any other teen superstars you know?  Yes, that's right, Justin Bieber!  There has been story after story comparing the two performers, and Simpson had something to say on the subject.

"Everyone that is coming into the industry that is new, they are always being compared to someone. I guess because we were both found on YouTube. I'm a big fan of his music, I think he is really talented. It's flattering to be compared to someone so successful."

Check out one of Cody's covers right here: