CoExistence To Star Bella Thorne As Juliet!

Bella Thorne has just nabbed the starring role in the upcoming movie CoExistence!

CoExistence is a very new spin on the classic play Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare!

Bella Thorne is probably best known for her role as CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up.

The film takes place in Napa Valley, California. Bella will play Juliet Cabochen opposite Nick Krause as Romeo.

Bella Thorne Stars In Coexistence!
Juliet is a young woman who is arranged to marry a rich and successful winemaker, even though her heart is set on marrying he handsome love of her life, Romeo.

Juliet also happens to be a very talented martial artist with the ability to fly. Not only must she deal with her difficult love life, but she has to cope with being more than human!

Seems like quite the interesting plot. Are you going to check it out, Sweetys?

Bella Thorne in CoExistence!