These Flower-Infused Coffee Drinks Are Instagram Goals

As coffee lovers, we're always on the hunt for the next caffeine craze taking over Instagram.

And as spring is in full force it's only appropriate that our current obsession is with Bia Coffee in Koreatown, Los Angeles. This shop serves up coffee with a fresh flower infusion. Besides delicious, these cups are total Instagram goals.

For those unfortunate not to live in L.A. to see these for yourself, we're bringing you two of their popular coffee drinks below:

To start off, I should say that while these drinks are definitely worth a try, I wouldn't suggest popping by before school or work because these intricate coffees take some time. Without much of a line, you're looking at a full 20-minute wait between ordering and receiving your drink.

That said… yum.

The Lavender Latte was the perfect combination of creamy and floral with a hint of the espresso flavor coming through. If you aren't big on coffee you'll still love this drink.

Lavender latte with sprig of lavender

The colorblocked appearance gives the drink a modern look that's made for snapping a few pics. It also comes topped with a sprig of fresh lavender to garnish the already aesthetic brew.

Lavender Latte and Rose Cold Brew from Bia Coffee

The Rose Cold Brew isn't for the timid coffee drinkers. While rose is one of my favorite floral teas, the taste comes through pretty strong in a cold brew. Because cold brew and rose by nature can have a bitter taste, I think this flavor may be more suited to a creamy latte (which is another one of their menu options).

Rose cold brew with rose buds

That said, people who enjoy intense flavors will definitely get a kick out of this coffee drink—and quite a caffeine boost, too. The rich dark color of the brew is topped with little pink rosebuds to add a delicate touch. There's just something fun about flower buds floating in your drink.

Another bonus is that the rose buds don't disintegrate in the drink, which would be a potential disaster. I didn't get any flakes of petals or leaves through my straw, but instead, a consistent taste of floral coffee.

Lavender Latte and Rose Cold Brew from Bia Coffee , above shot

The best part about Bia is that they use real fresh flowers and homemade floral syrups so the flavors are refreshing, rather than artificial. And for those of you who don't really dig coffee but love the flower infusion, this shop also offers fruity and floral lemonades and Italian sodas.


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