Every Perpetually Cold Person Needs These Items

If you're always complaining about being chilly no matter what the season or weather, I hate to break it to you—you're a perpetually cold person.

But, no fear, there are so many products out there made especially for you.

Scroll below for the cutest, cuddliest and—most importantly—warmest products that will keep you from shivering no matter what the time of year.

Music Muffs Headphones: $39.99

Protect your ears from the cold and jam out to your fave tunes both at once? Count us in. These Music Muffs are our new favorite accessory.

Headphones that also work as earmuffs

(via Yantra)


Elephant Plush: $19.20

You won't believe it, but this cuddly plush elephant is actually microwaveable. It's filled with grains and dried lavender flower for a soothing effect. This thing smells amazing and will keep you warm. You can't get much better than that.

Plush elephant microwavable warmer

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Handwarmer Mug: $24.95

Tea, coffee and hot cocoa drinkers rejoice, this is the perfect mug. Your hand fits right into the mold of the mug so that your fingers stay ultra cozy and warm. ????

Handwarmer Mug

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Mini Cat Hand Warmers: $7.71

Say buh-bye to cold hands thanks to these adorable and portable mini cat hand warmers. Aren't they purrfect?

Mini cat hand warmers

(via Etsy)


Warming Foot Massager: $49.99

Yes, you read that correctly. This foot massager also warms your feet. Perfect for your next Netflix binge session, right?

Warming foot massager from Sharper Image

(via Sharper Image)


Portable Mini Space Heater: $19.99

Do you ever wish you could set up a heater right in front of your room or homework space? Now you can, thanks to this petite space heater. It's the perfect desk accessory if you ask us.

Portable mini space heater

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Mini Fireplace Heater: $89.99

And if the cute cat mini heater just isn't cutting it for you, there's this glorious mini fireplace that glows and produces totally realistic embers. If only you could roast s'mores over this thing.

Mini fire place

(via Brookstone)


USB Footwarmer Slippers: $33.95

We'd buy these slippers just by the look of them, but the USB footwarmers definitely are an added perk. Amazing.

USB footwarmer slippers

(via Amazon)


Polar Bear Wearable Sleeping Bag: $144.46

All we have to say about this is yes. Everyone should own own of these, whether they're perpetually cold or not.

Polar Bear Sleeping Bag

(via Snoozzoo)


Pajama Warming Pouch: $39.95

No more hopping into bed wearing cold PJs! This pajama-warming pouch brings your PJs to a warm and cozy temperature before you snuggle up in your comforter for the night.

Pajama warming pouch

(via Hammacher)


Cozy Fur Throw: $149

And finally, every always cold person knows, you have to invest in a super comfy blanket if you're going to survive in this world. This is the chicest, coziest blanket on the market. You'll thank us when you're warm and bundled up in it at night.

Fur throw from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)



Once you're warm and snug in one of these items, why not turn on the TV and let the relaxation begin. We recommend one of THESE nine classic flicks on Netflix.