Here's Exactly What You Should Know About Country Singer-Songwriter Cole Bradley

Right now, we're all about country singer-songwriter Cole Bradley.

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, start by listening to his latest single "Happy Hour." You'll be more than onboard after hearing it, we promise. Scroll through for exactly what you should know about him.

#MCM Cole Bradley

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Name: Cole Bradley

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Birthday: Sept. 22

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Aladdin is, by far, his all-time favorite Disney movie.

"The story has a little bit of everything: an evil villain, a fantastic character in the genie and a great love story. Plus, it has a killer soundtrack."

–Cole Bradley

2. He would've loved to be a teenager in the '90s. He at least has the style part down, amirite?

"It would have been amazing. I'm in love with '90s country, so to see all my country music heroes in their prime would have been sweet!"

–Cole Bradley

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3. If he could steal any fictional character's style, it would be Zac Efron's character in Baywatch.

4. He's not a great golfer but would love to improve.

"I always have a blast whenever I go out with my friends on the course. I am horrendous though, so I really need to get better at it."

–Cole Bradley

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5. He definitely considers himself a night owl.

"I love the night. I feel like I am more inspired when it's dark out and some of my deepest thinking comes at night time."

–Cole Bradley

6. It's a huge dream of his to meet Kenny Chesney and Garth Brooks. He would be totally starstruck if he did.

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