Did You Know Cole Sprouse Has Another Instagram Account?

It's safe to say Cole Sprouse is the king of social media.

He constantly provides our Twitter feeds with witty remarks and snarky retorts in the most charmingly Cole way possible. And how could you not find his back-and-forth banter with his brother Dylan truly entertaining?

We see a much different side of Cole with his Instagram account.

It is here where Cole's artistic side can flourish as he showcases his incredible photography skills for all to see. This kid is far too talented for his own good.

When the American carnival ends

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What you may not know is that Cole has another Instagram account, which deserves all of your attention.

Called @camera_duels, his account posts consist of pics of people trying to snap a shot of Cole while he's out and about. He almost always catches them in the act, hence the name @camera_duels.

The photos aren't really what make the account though. It's Cole's well-thought-out captions that deserve all the praise.

Let's take a look at some of our faves, shall we?

A blinding flash. Quick blur. Momentary desperation. Primal cooing. Inevitable defeat. Temporary victory. Ahh yes, I know this ritual well. Is it wartime atrocity? Nay, tis a #cameraduel. The subway is a photographic operating theater, and I am the cold body upon the table. So many shots lay unused within my library, that I intentionally avoid posting many of them. This one, this one however. This one is different. The holiday spirit is in full form. There, behind sad dad and the ghost of Christmas past, a duel was stewing. A young woman pulled the number1 #rookiemistake: flash. So excited was I, that I blurred the shot. Yes fair people, even pros are prone. Fear not, the bright light of shame shines through, and the flash is still visible. Unfortunately, the only real illumination was upon her characteristic frown of embarrassed defeat. #HeKnowsWhenYouveBeenBadOrGood #ColeInYourStocking

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#cameraduels #doesntevencare #SantiagoChile #redanarchy This kid just didn't even care

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Cole hasn't posted any new content to this account in over a month. And the posts before his two most recent were published almost two years ago.

We know filming Riverdale and being a world-renowned "social media influencer" have kept him busy as of late, but we could really benefit from seeing more of these posts while scrolling through our feeds.

What do you say, Cole? Ready to make running @camera_duels your new full-time job?


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