Cole Sprouse's First Insta Photo of Himself With Lili Reinhart Is Beyond Cute

Cole Sprouse is a gift to us all.

The Riverdale star has been known to be more private than many of his fellow celebrities, but after promising in an Aug. 3 Instagram post to upload "some of [his] more personal photographs," he has delivered.  Cole finally shared his first photo of himself and his co-star / rumored girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, on Sept. 10, as Teen Vogue reports.

Of course, it's oh-so cute.

The photo is blurry, but it'll make Cole and Lili's shippers melt nonetheless. In it, they're both grinning and they look like they could be either going in for a kiss or backing away from one. Whatever the case, it's clear they're basking in each other's company.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse in Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

Alas, Cole didn't give us a very gushy caption. He simply wrote, "It's pretty, pretty late."

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It's pretty, pretty late

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We'll give you a minute to swoon.

If you can handle more cuteness, Lili posted a message just hours before that, and it seemed to reveal they'd enjoyed a romantic couple of days together. "Fashion week is great and all," she wrote, "but have you ever spent a rainy weekend inside cuddled up with your bae?"

Aww, those two! Let's hope they both share more soon.


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